What is the Difference Between Prawns and Shrimp

What is the Difference Between Prawns and Shrimp | A Detailed Comparison

Prawn vs Shrimp! Are they really the same or different species? It’s the most common question that most people have in their minds, and these two are often misunderstood or used interchangeably. While they have a similar physical identity, they are not actually the same!

Prawn and Shrimps are diverse sorts of marine crustaceans. They vary in terms of their aquatic family and the consumable breeds.

Difference Between Prawns and Shrimp

Are you browsing to know the exact difference between prawns and shrimps? Let’s go ahead and find how they are unique in terms of species as well as food.

Biology of Prawn VS Shrimp 

Even though prawn and shrimp belong to the family of aquatic life, but the fact is they aren’t the same. They are decapod crustaceans (means they have ten legs), but prawns and shrimps are different species, having unique structure and habitat. The primary difference between both species is the size.   

Prawns are bigger in size than shrimps. 

The most common types of prawns are tiger prawn, Indian prawn, king prawn, and giant river prawn. In shrimps, the common types are brown shrimps, white leg shrimps, and Atlantic white shrimp. 


Prawns possess branching gills and claws on three sets of their legs. They have straight bodies as compared to shrimps. 

On the other hand, shrimps have plate-like gills and claws on the two pair of their legs. Their body remains slightly bend and segmented.  

Biology of Prawn VS Shrimp

Prawns have longer legs than shrimps. Their second pincers are larger than front ones, whereas in shrimps, the front pincers are larger. Both of them are generally shellfish. 


Shrimps and prawns used to live in different kinds of water. Where shrimp lives in salty marine water, prawns live in fresh water. Having diverse habitat, both of the species have different food chains.  

Shrimp and Prawn as Food 

Shrimp and Prawn as Food

Shrimps and Prawns are delightful seafood and are consumed worldwide. So, are you ready to taste the delicious seafoodHongkongers highly enjoy both shrimp and prawn as food. While there are different varieties in them, there isn’t any absolute difference in taste between them. They are somewhat similar and somewhat diverse in taste. Want to know how? 

Let’s taste the difference 

Shrimps, being living in salty water, gives a salty and delicate taste. On the other hand, prawns are sweeter as they are found in fresh water. However, they are also interchangeably used in various recipes. The taste depends upon the different species. 

Talking about the nutritious value, they both are enriched with protein and low in calories. There’s no significant difference between their nutrient value. Moreover, they have less fat and carbohydrates. Thus, most seafood lovers prefer to consume these more than chicken or other meat sources. They are an ideal choice for protein source and tasty diet. 

Their mild and sweet flavor is a great option for those who love seafood. Both of them are popular as delicious appetizers and commonly consumed as finger food by dipping into savory sauces. The range you can get in their cuisines includes grilled, steamed, sautéed, and fried.  

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Por Pia Sod Goong – Fresh Rice Paper Wrapped with Shrimps 鮮蝦米紙卷 

Por Pia Sod Goong Fresh Rice Paper Wrapped with Shrimps

Every bite of this cuisine transports the exotic flavors into your mouth. Por Pia Sod Goong is a dish made of shrimps wrapped in rice paper and flavored with Thai herbs. They are best served with sweet tamarind sauce and toasted peanuts. Come and try this luscious shrimp cuisine at Mint and Basil. We are sure that you will love the taste. 

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Tom Yum with Prawns 冬蔭功湯 

Tom Yum with Prawns Difference Between Prawns and Shrimp

Our specialty in prawns reflects from the taste of Tom Yum. It is basically a creamy soup in which the flavors are exploded with the addition of prawns. The mix of coconut milk and chilli sauce into the soup adds to the sweet and savory taste of the dish. Want to try this delicate soup cooked with prawns? Book your table in Mint & Basil and enjoy ultimate Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.