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Can You Eat Vietnamese Food on Keto?

Got Vietnamese food in mind, but your diet is making you step back?Are the calorie charts and ingredients making you think twice before placing an order? If you are going through the above, we understand your dilemma! 

The flavors of Vietnamese food will make you crave it. This particular article will provide you with all the essential details for Vietnamese food you can have being on Keto in Hong Kong. As per many “Gourmets,” it is Asia’s most proportional and most elegant cuisine.   

Let Us Understand Keto!  

Let us understand KETO 

The keto diet is understood by different names, such as the ketogenic diet or even the LCHP diet, low carbs and high protein. This diet is highly influential for losing weight because carbohydrates are really good at making you fill on the pounds. Carbs, including refined starches or fiber, are transformed into sugar once digested. This includes avoiding soda, aerated drinks, and even fruit juices. 

The purpose of the keto diet is to enter a new metabolic state called ketosis. After eating a few carbs but high quantities of protein for three days or so, your body carries energy from ketones stored in fat instead of carbs’ sugars. Penetrating ketosis makes it super easy to lose weight and provides benefits such as increased cognition, mood, and awareness. 

What Should You Eat on A Keto Diet? 

The answer to this is overly complicated. On the keto diet, you want to compare the next intake of nutrients in which 70% should be fat, 25% should be protein, and 5% should come from carbohydrates. 

Fat is a critical part of the keto diet. As told earlier, fat will let you enter ketosis and start using it as your internal energy source. Fats contain twice the energy and calories as proteins or carbs. Activating ketosis benefits this process so that your metabolism has the extra power to work. 

The 5% carb intake is also vital to boost the intake of essential nutrients, and there are a few ways to get just the right amount of both. Many fruits and vegetables have carbs, and any healthy diet should include vitamins and minerals inside the meals. Foodstuffs you have to avoid are baked goods and bread, any sweet or sugary junk food like soda beverages, legumes, any high fructose fruit, high carb vegetables like potato and corn, and removing pasta from life. The keto diet is rigid but has been proven to be influential. If you are trying to tone up or lose that hanging belly, this is one of the best ways to get that!

Your body will burn your belly fat and stop depending on carbs for its energy. It may take more time than expected to see results, but you need to stick to it, and it will not let you down. 

Vietnamese Dishes You Can Have on Keto Diet 


Pho vietnamese dish

This Vietnamese dish is basically soup made with chicken or beef broth, flat noodles, and multiple green vegetables. From a keto diet perspective, Pho cannot be made without noodles. These aren’t Pho in any consideration. It will just be a SOUP! 

The traditional Pho made with rice noodles will not be enjoyable. Rice noodles are excessive in carbohydrates and need to be alerted to ketosis. However, you could benefit from the pho broth with all the specific customizations following ketogenic diet because the soup is comparatively low in carbohydrates. 

So yes, you can have Pho with less amount of rice noodles and more broth on the keto diet! And you can get the best Pho from Mint and Basil with customizations and order the best Vietnamese food in Hong Kong. 

Banh Mi 

To the naive, Banh Mi is a light, crunchy baguette that is French-styled—stuffed with different meats, vegetables, and other herbs. While balancing different textures, Banh Mi has a flavor profile that is off the charts. It could be salty, sour, savory, sweet, and scented all at once!  

This is staple in Vietnamese food, so it has keto flexibility: 

You can switch Vietnamese cold cuts for more protein intake like grilled pork or chicken, replace soy for a few serves of Maggi seasoning sauce, or go all-veggie! Though multiple variations can cater to anyone, here are the main ingredients that generally create up a Banh Mi sandwich. You can replace these ingredients with Keto-friendly stuff and enjoy Vietnamese food with your diet! 

  • BREAD: Airy, crispy French-style baguette 
  • PROTEIN: Ham, boiled pork roll, or different meats 
  • VEGETABLES: Sliced cucumber, onions, pickled carrot and daikon 
  • HERBS & SPICES: Fresh and crisp cilantro, fresh chilis or jalapeno 
  • SEASONINGS: Pate, butter or mayonnaise, soy sauce 

Goi Tom (Shrimp Salad) 

vietnamese shrimp salad

Vietnamese enjoy fat and delicate meat, and they are more likely to choose pork belly over pork tenderloin. You can make this dish by removing or adding it according to your taste and diet. For example, skip the pork, use shrimp or vice versa, or make a vegetarian dish.  

You also have infinite options to combine the vegetables with julienned green mango and papaya. Green mangoes are unripe mangoes that can be very sour, and you will love the tingling flavour. Goi Tom is all fat and protein best suited for your keto diet. 

Canh Chua 

The Vietnamese sweet and sour soup arrives from the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam. It is made with tamarind broth with fish pineapple, tomatoes, elephant ear stems, and bean sprouts. With so many take-ups, this dish in Vietnam is made with a variety of fish and vegetables. One trick of creating this dish in Western countries is by using fewer ingredients like bean sprouts and elephant ear limbs. So Vietnamese people have had to adapt and have it with the version available. This soup is all vegetables and protein, the ideal Vietnamese meal for your keto diet. 

Goi Ngo Sen (Lotus Root Salad) 

lotus root salad

Gỏi ngó sen is a classic Vietnamese salad crafted with lotus root as the main ingredient. The salad is universal, so there is no fixed recipe. Still, some of its components like prawns, onions, carrots, pork belly, vinegar, sugar, and peanuts are constant. 

Once mixed, the salad is topped with a combination of lime juice, chili, sugar, and fish sauce. Before eating, it is garnished with chopped cilantro, crispy shallots, and peanuts. You can have Goi Ngo Sen for the Keto diet, but it is not ideal. However, it doesn’t have carbs; fats and proteins are rarely available. You can have it just as a snack! 

Sticking to the keto diet is very difficult with all the rising cravings. But you always have healthier options and customization to stick to your goal.You can visit Mint and Basil for the best Vietnamese food in Hong Kong, and we will take care of your sweet and sour appetites.