Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Restaurants

Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Restaurants

Restaurants have become our life’s integral part. A place where people go to enjoy the time and to eat their favorite food. There are many famous Thai Vietnamese restaurants in Hong Kong where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with your family, friends or loved ones. So, here we are talking about some facts about restaurants.

Do you know where the largest restaurant in the world is located?

How about the oldest one?

Which is the largest restaurant?

Any Guess about best restaurants?

Is“Restaurant” is a French Term

This word is derived from the French verb “restaurer” which means to restore and that way it becomes a popular place where people eat food used to call it restaurant.

vietnamese foods restaurant in hong kong

Who invented the fine dining?

The French Revolution invented fine dining. After the French aristocracy collapsed,their chef’s found themselves jobless and for this they decided to open up their own eatery and offer meals to the public. Eventually, the French style of dining got recognized by the people and spread throughout the Atlantic and in Great Britain.

World’s largest restaurant

The Bawabet Dimashq Restaurant which has 580,000 square foot dining area and has 6014 seats to enjoy the meal. This huge restaurant is located in Damascus, Syria.

The Bawabet Dimashq resaurant in syria
The Bawabet Dimashq resaurant in syria

World’s Oldest Restaurant

The Union Oyster House is the world’s oldest restaurant placed in Boston. U.S. But According to the Guinness Book of world Records, Botin Restaurant in Madrid, Spain, is the world’s oldest restaurant since 1725. Whereas other many restaurants claim to be the older ones.

World’s Oldest very interesting facts about this restaurants

How much do you know about restaurants? (According to Sources)

  • 14.7 million people work in the restaurant business.
  • More than 54 percent of all adults have worked in a restaurant.
  • Half of Americans’ first job was in a restaurant.
  • 3 billion pizzas are ordered every year in all America.
  • Hawaiian pizza was first served by a Greek man, he is living in Canada.
  • The most popular pizza topping is Pepperoni.
  • 37% of all pizza orders include a famous plain cheese pizza.
  • “30 Minutes or Less” campaign was started by Dominosin 1984.
  • KFC’s Colonel Sanders was never an official colonel.
  • Four million beverages every day are sold by Starbucks.
  • According to reports McDonald’s sells 75 hamburgers in a second.
  • McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world because of Happy Meals.
  • McDonald’s once Featured a grilled pineapple sandwich.
  • In America 9 in 10 children eat at McDonald’s every month
  • Most American adults have worked in McDonald’s.
  • Subway was founded by a 17-year-old.
  • The world’s most expensive burger Cost $5000.
  • Starbucks is not a Franchise,it’s a Chain.
  • Americans Households spend $3,154 eating out.
  • California has the most restaurant locations,the count is 70,000
  • The Best foodie city in America is Orlando,FL.
  • Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas is the most profitable restaurant in America.
  • Earlier Burger King was known as Insta- Burger King.
  • The oldest fast-food chain was founded in 1921 named White Chain.

Mother’s Day is the most profitable and busiest day of the restaurant.Those are some interesting facts about some best restaurants. But undoubtedly restaurants became a very essential part of our life. In today’s life we all prefer going out, be it any function like Anniversary, birthday, kitty party. Restaurants have become part of our every Celebrations.