A Guide To Pan Asian and Asian Fusion Food

A Guide To Pan-Asian and Asian Fusion Food

The food industry is as wide as this world. You move from one corner to another, you will find a different cuisine, taste, and food culture. The food trends have increased quite recently with the advancement of technology. Now, you know what type of food people eat in other parts of the world and the best thing is, you can eat that too.  

Earlier one type of food could only be eaten at one place. For example, you could only eat Vietnamese food in Vietnam, Indian food in India, and so on. But now, you can go anywhere in the world and eat what you want.  

For instance, now, you can eat Indian food, Vietnamese food, and even Thai food in Hong Kong. Not just the food, you can also enjoy your favourite drinks like mocktails, cocktails, beers, etc. Yes, you can get all at one place and that is Mint and Basil, the best Pan Asian restaurant in Hong Kong. 

With the increasing food trends, many new food phrases and terms are coming into existence. Every place, country, city, or even a small village describes its food with different name. So, the food industry has widened over time and there are million types of food that you will encounter in the restaurants. This thing can confuse you while you dine and order at any Pan Asian restaurant in Hong Kong.  

While you may know about the Pan-Asian food, another type of food that is making rounds is the Asian fusion food 

What is fusion food? What exactly does this kind of food entail? and how do you know if you are actually eating Asian fusion food? 

This blog will take you through the entire information about both types of food.  

Define Fusion Food 

Define Fusion Food

The dictionary meaning of fusion is ‘mix’. Fusion food is the type of food that includes the elements of different culinary traditions.  

It can also mean the combination of different types of cooking. The fusion food can also be presented to the diner in different forms. Or fusion food can also be based on one culture but can be prepared with the combination of flavors and ingredients from different food cultures of the world.   

The Purpose of Fusion Food 

The Purpose of Fusion Food

The aim of fusion food is to provide diners with unique dishes that can offer you new culinary experiences and flavors. 

As the name itself suggests, this type of cuisine does not need to be classified with one particular cuisine, the desirable and the dominant culture.  

Origin Since 1970’s 

fusion food

This may surprise you but fusion food has been making waves in the culinary scene for years. Its origin traces back to the 1970s. It has been around for centuries and now is gaining popularity all due to the presence of social media and exposure.  

Options in Fusion Food

When it comes to fusion food, the most renowned food type is Asian Fusion.  

Even till date, the blend of western and eastern cuisine is standing the test of time. Today, fusion food has become so popular over recent years that it has even been recognized as a national cuisine.   

Options in Fusion Food

For instance, the Peruvian Nikkei cuisine uses Japanese spices and seasonings and Peruvian ingredients.

The issue is that, today, people confuse fusion foods with Pan Asian food. To shed off all the confusion, let us see the difference between both.  

What is Pan-Asian Cuisine? 

what is Pan Asian Cuisine

Pan refers to the menu which includes a number of distinguishable dishes. Pan-Asian cuisines are the classic dishes that the restaurants offer from a selected eastern culture.  

The dishes that the restaurant include do not necessarily have to be from any Asian country.   

If you are in Hong Kong, there are many restaurants that offer diners the taste of Asia. For instance, Mint and Basil, the best Pan Asian Restaurant in Hong Kong. 

Asian Cuisines as Per Location  

pan Asian food and Cuisines as Per Location

Asian dishes can be split into four main categories as per the direction and location i.e., East, West, Central, and South.  

Western Asian cuisine is all the food that comes from the Middle East. Central Asian cuisine is the one that originates from centrally-located countries like Kazakhstan. However, cuisines within Central Asia takes inspiration from both its neighbors in the West and the East.  

Southern Asian cuisine has stronger roots in the Hindu beliefs and customs.  

Southern Asian cuisine includes dishes from India.  

Mint and Basil specializes in Indian, Thai, Vietnamese food. Fully a Pan-Asian restaurant serving all the above-mentioned food types. This is what makes Mint and Basil, the best Pan-Asian restaurant in Hong Kong, Tung Chung.