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15 Best Restaurant In The World

Traveling the whole world is everyone’s Dream. Visiting a new country is the most exciting thing for you all and it’s most discovering factor is eating its traditional, authentic food.

The whole experience of eating out is trying out the new cuisine and exploring the atmosphere.These are some little aspects that decide whether we enjoy a restaurant, whether we will go back and tell our family and friends about the visit.

Many restaurants are trying their best to be on top, but there are only a few exceptional & best restaurants in the world that grab this game. In which they are very particular in every detail and take care of the needs of their guests. Here is my search to let you know about “Best Restaurants in the World”.


Mirazur restaurant in Menton, France
Based in Menton, France, Mirazur is the top most restaurant in the world. Mauro Colagreco, the Chef’s unique cuisine is inspired by the sea, the mountains and the restaurant’s gardens. Some highlights about food is it’s tasting menu. The restaurant’s perfect delicacy is “bread infused with ginger and served with a Pablo Neruda poem.

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
Chef René Redzepi is the shining star of Noma and his innovative, invented creations keep bringing customers back again and again. When Noma relaunched, Redzepi introduced some new dining dishes in which the restaurant offers selected dishes based on the superior ingredients available during the season.

Our guests advised to make their pre-bookings so they can enjoy their treat hassle-free. Each dish in the menu is cooked in a unique method, so the Noma’s name and style remains true.

Mint & Basil

thai foods restaurant in hong kong
A famous Thai restaurant in Hong Kong based in Tung Chung and Sai Wan Ho, both facing the beachside area. From authentic soups to main course meals this restaurant offers you unique Thai cuisines. Our chef Tan’s signature dishes include sugarcane shrimps, Char-Grilled beef sirloin with lemongrass and Thai Curries This perfect restaurant is for the food lover. According to my view most of the tourists and localized people visit Mint & Basil.

Eleven Madison Park, New York

world famous restaurant
Eleven Madison park is a fine dining restaurant, based in the heart of New York. It’s the first North-American restaurant on the list. Eleven Madison Park is famous for the amazing factor like card tricks, surprising gifts from waiters, meat grinders on the table and many more and brings the restaurant into our top.

The Chairman

The Chairman restaurant in hong kong
It is the best restaurant in Hong Kong, China, famous for Thai Cuisines Scroll it’s Instagram tags and the dish that flaunts is Chef Tung’s steamed flower crab,a marvellous dish. While other chefs in Hong Kong have tried to replicate this signature dish, the original dish is unbeatable.

Mugaritz, San Sebastián, Spain

Mugaritz restaurant
Located in San Sebastián,Spain. A food which is good to go,no one comprehends the acquaintance of eating here at Mugaritz. They put attention in every detail of the bite which they are going to serve. In their multiple course tasting menu ,let me tell you about its best dish which makes it a favourite with visitors. Enjoy with heart the perfect time with good food and great music.

Slanted Door

Slanted Door restaurant
Situated in the ferry building with a lovely view of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. This venue can accommodate a huge range of foodies. Slanted Door is the best Vietnamese restaurant in the world. It’s Daikin Rice Cakes, wood over roasted Manila clams, and mouthwatering Grilled grass fed Anderson ranch lamb rack, keep you wondering again and again. It’s a bit expensive restaurant but worth a try because you fall in love with the food.

Dinner by Heston Blumentha

Dinner by Heston Blumentha
Elegant and contemporary, having Michelin star, Heston is based in Knightsbridge,London,UK.
It’s the first British restaurant on top of our list, it’s legendary chef Ashley Palmer has made a name for himself making creation with drinks and food with British cooking while using contemporary methods. Heston Blumenthal remains one of the most famous names in UK food. Sounds bit simple but the results are great.


Arzak restaurant in Spain
Arzak is in San Sebastián,Spain very much popular for its flavored dining. It’s deeply rooted in tradition and boasts creativity and a constant research of change. It all starts from its unique lab which is filled with limitless tested Flavours and spices, It’s cuisines are all about its research and pinch of magic. They introduced new concepts in the food industry and redesigned its menu. A place to eat,to discover,to experience.


A very formal restaurant with terraces,where white gloved waiters serve you its creative cuisines in Vienna, Austria. Chef Heinz Reitbauer shared its signature dish,the fresh mountain fish tossed with beeswax and served with yellow carrot, pollen and sour cream. It is Loved by locals and visitors a lot.


world famous restaurant vendôme in Bergisch Gladbach, germany
A three Michelin stars restaurant is in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. This zone is led by Chef Joachim Wissler and a part of grand hotel Schloss Bensberg. It’s exceptional cuisine with peculiar dishes,with using first class ingredients makes its journey worthwhile. The mind blowing location and the stunning presentation of the dishes provide exactly what the food deserves,and its largest menu of meals containing 25 courses.

Per Se, New York, USA

looking for world famous restaurant in once time visit at Per Se restaurant in New York,
Per Se is the new American and French restaurant. Based in New York, USA. Boasts three Michelin stars and it’s Chef Thomas Keller is a cookbook writer. New York is full of great restaurants in every few steps but Per Se keeps itself remarkable because time after time it proves to be the best most iconic restaurant. It’s dishes are so decorative that honestly you will only want to look at the dishes without blinking.


Frantzén restaurant swedish restaurant one of famous restaurant in world
Dazzle in Stockholm, Sweden, Proud to be having two Michelin Stars. Chef Bjorn Frantzén’s food is a unique fusion of classic and modern techniques. The incredible use of organic ingredients are what sets this restaurant apart from its companions. The return of Stockholm’s most creative cook sees a brand new space and mind blowing menus. This combined with Asian and Far Eastern techniques and influences make it a hit on a global scale.

The Ledbury, London, UK

must world famous The Ledbury restaurant in london
A modern European restaurant held in Notting hill,UK. Chef Brett Graham’s innovative cooking, The cooking is a mixture of modern French and British cuisines. A pure bliss. The perfect meal for a family, friends and loved ones.

Alinea, Chicago, USA

Alinea restaurant world Famous Restaurant in chicago city
Alinea was awarded with three Michelin stars, it’s the only restaurant in Chicago, ILLinois. Michelin’s highest accolade. Alinea’s modern creativity is seen in its dishes like vanilla beans, langoustine yuba. The USA is full of its incredible eating zones . Allinea is one of them. People loved it when it first opened in 2005 and that love has continued over the years.