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Our story begins with a history and established track record of commitment to preserving our proud Asian heritage. The vibrant origins of Mint & Basil begin with a tale of ancient chefs that discovered the incredible flavor profiles of earthy mint and the sweet scent of basil.

From the very first moment our ancient ancestors utilised Mint and Basil together, history was made. Everything from thai food to Vietnamese cuisine utilizes the powerful combination of mint and basil as ingredients.

The new thai Food Restaurant Mint & Basil Tung Chung location was opened in 2019 and is a culmination of thousands of years of asian cuisine and heritage packed into one location.

You can even bring your canine pal to enjoy the sweet scents and tastes of Mint & Basil. Everyone is welcomed in our restaurants.


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Coming to us? We don’t want you to wait in long queue since we take advanced bookings. Reserve a table for you before coming so that we reserve enough space for you and your pals.  Select a time slot as per your convenience:  The restaurant is open from 12 pm right until 1:30 am in the morning.  Book your favourite time slot from the Reservation Form.

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    Mint & Basil is proud to announce that we now have two wonderful locations you can enjoy. The Hong Kong Peninsula has been in need of a Pan-Asian restaurant that combines a quality fusion of SouthAsian cuisine from around the world. Now, everyone from tourists to locals

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