Why is Thai Food Popular? Mint & Basil

Why is Thai Food Popular?

Food is valued when it tastes good and is healthy. Popular Thai food has both qualities. This is the primary reason; Thai food is so famous is loved by people around the globe.  

In this blog, we will see in detail, the reasons Thai food is renowned.  

Easy to cook and quite easy to eat! This could be the basic definition of Popular Thai food. It has made its place in the heart of people and therefore it has become the most popular cuisine in today’s time. Thai food is also easily available in restaurants. For example, if you carve Thai in Hong Kong, come over to Mint and Basil, Tung Chung. 

Thai cuisines have reached everywhere so no matter where you reside, you can taste Thai anywhere, anytime. Especially, if you are in Hong Kong, Mint and Basil is the place for you to visit. It offers a variety of Thai cuisines. In fact, not just Thai, but also Vietnamese and Indian.  

The intense flavour has taken over the world, conquered the hearts and palates of so many people but what makes Thai food so special are the following characteristics.   

A Complete Flavorful Punch 

Even though it is said that Thai cuisines are simple to cook, the taste is not the same. Thai food tastes delicious. All flavors such as sweet, sour, spice, etc., create a flavorful explosion in every mouthful.  

Thai food is said to be the healthiest but that does not mean it has no taste. Often people relate healthy with no taste. This does not hold true for Thai food.  

Thai food is notorious because of the presence of fresh herbs and spices such as lemongrass, mint, galangal, lime and chili. These ingredients are the heart of every Thai meal. These give the dishes layers of zingy freshness and intense aroma.   

Good For Health! 

This might sound a bit cliché but let the truth be told. A plate of Thai food looks photogenic and colorful. At the same time, it is quite healthy. There are researches that have proved Thai food to be the healthiest among all other food items.  

Thai food is one of the best looking, well presentable and what makes it so photogenic are the assortment of vegetables. Green veggies are great for your health. Herbs and spices are also beneficial. For example, galangal and lemongrass are both rich in antioxidants. Also, these have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Apart from the ingredients, it is the method of cooking that makes Popular Thai food worth eating. Two popular ways to cook Thai cuisines are: 

  • Steaming 
  • Stir-frying  

Both methods preserve the nutrients of the food; therefore, it is termed healthy to eat.  


Thai food is cooked really fast, considering the methods used for cooking. Because of instant cooking, it becomes easy for people to take away their favourite food items. You can even place an order for Thai food at Mint and Basil or can even take away what your heart craves.   

Packed with exotic flavors, Thai food gives you all the reasons to love it.  

Great Value for Food! 

At Mint and Basil, the food delivered offered is not just delicious and healthy but is also pocket friendly. We are always equipped with offers to suit your pocket. So, never miss a chance to avail them. Come over to Mint and Basil, Tung Chung and eat what your heart desires.  Indulge yourself in a wide range of Thai food items such as Tom Kha, Tom Yum Goong, Som Tam Goong, Yum Som O, Yum Nhue Yang, Khor Moo Yang etc. Discover Thai taste in our menu! 

Things to Remember About Thai Food 

Thai food is light in nature. The most important thing to remember is to appreciate its lightness, its passionate smell, and heat that comes from the added spices. Fresh herbs used in Thai food do not have similar scent from western ones.  

Interesting Facts About Thai Food 

From a variety of flavors and cooking styles, you will get across a lot of food items such as rich, spicy soups and curries to clean, fresh salads and everything that comes between.   

But while you decide to relish the healthiest food on the planet, let us also take you through some of the most interesting facts about Thai cuisines 

A Culture of Sharing 

When Thai families sit down to eat a meal, the food is served communally. It means that instead of each person ordering his or her own meal or being served their food on an individual plate, everyone helps each other with a variety of dishes placed in the center of the table. In this way, everyone gets an opportunity to taste different recipes. Also, it is considered polite to help yourself with a small portion of each food item at a time, rather than just filling your plate with a lot of food.  

Noodles Are a Relatively New Arrival

Today, for most people, noodles are viewed as a staple ingredient in Thai cuisines. Without noodles, delicious dishes such as Pad Thai seem incomplete. However, this would surprise you that noodles were introduced to Thailand in World War II. This was done to help alleviate a rice shortage that occurred due to the war and natural calamity like floods.  

It is All About Balance 

Balance is the key and this is the reason Thai food is tasty. Bringing a balance between different flavours such as sweet, salt, sour, spice and bitter is the key to make Thai food delicious. Many Thai dishes use fish sauce or shrimp paste to add saltiness. Palm sugar and fruits are added for sweetness. Chilies and herbs are added to spice things up and for tangy flavour, lime juice, or tamarind is used.  

A Fresh Approach

Rather than relying on preserved or dried ingredients, Thai cooking relies largely on the use of fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. This is also the major reason why Thai food tastes vibrant and is also full of nutrients.   

Rice is Indispensable

Rice is important part of all Thai dishes. In fact, rice is such an important part of the local culture, that “Gin kôw rĕu yang?” which means, have you consumed rice yet?” is a popular greeting.  

What is for Breakfast?

 In many Thai households, people eat savoury food for breakfast like fried rice, noodle soups, stir fry with vegetables or steamed rice with an omelette or any other form of protein.   

Know Your Basil 

The basil you enjoy in Popular Thai food is not the same as the herb used in Mediterranean dishes such as pasta with Basil Pesto Sauce. Thai basil is a unique herb that is native to Southeast Asia. Also, it has a spicy flavour with notes of aniseed and liquorice. Thai Basil can also withstand higher cooking temperatures than sweet basil. Not So Fishy! 

Fish sauce is also called Nam Pla in Thai. It is an important ingredient in many Thai dishes. It gives a salty flavour – with a splash of lime and some freshly chopped chili. If you are an amateur Thai cook, you may find the smell overpowering. If this is the case, just add some freshly squeezed lime juice.   

Snack on Fruit

As a tropical country, fresh fruit is in abundance. Fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, papaya and watermelon are available quite easily.   

King of Fruits: Durian

Do you know that there are over 200 varieties of Durian in Thailand? This large, thorny fruit is renowned for its pungent odour – which is hard to describe, but has been compared to gym socks, onion and even blue cheese.  

Learning about the food you eat is as important as enjoying it. Eating without proper knowledge may leave you unanswered in front of others. We hope this blog adds to your knowledge about Thai food. Pay your visit to Mint and Basil, Tung Chung and allow us to serve you with the best.