Which Thai Dish is Healthy to Eat at a Restaurant in Hong Kong

Which Thai Dish is Healthy to Eat at a Restaurant in Hong Kong?

Healthy food is not delicious – This is a myth and everyone believes it. But this blog will get your understanding right about the food that is healthy and tasty at the same time.  

Thai food is one that falls under the category of healthy foods without even compromising on its taste. So, if you are a fitness freak individual, you would want to eat healthy not just at home but also at a restaurant. 

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If you are at a Thai restaurant and you are wanting to eat just healthy and light, then I must tell you that you are at a right place. Why? Because Thai food is the healthiest among others- says the science.  

So, whether you order Tom, Yam, Tam, or Gaeng, Thai food is the one you will never regret ordering at a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong 

Normally, Thai food falls into four categories i.e., boiled dishes, spicy salads, pounded foods, and curries respectively. Cuisines falling in each of the above categories are cooked lightly, therefore the nutrients of every ingredient is retained, hence it makes the food healthy, light, and at the same time delicious.  

So, if you are in Hong Kong, Mint and Basil is the place you must visit and order the best Thai food ever.  

Traditional Thai Food  

Thai cuisines are generally healthy and largely cooked using lean proteins, vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices.  

Some Thai dishes are also high in refined carbs and may even contain deep-fried foods, high amounts of salt, and added sugar. But everything is added in perfect quantity giving you all five Thai flavours; sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.  

Now, let’s see the Thai dishes that are healthy and you can order at a Thai restaurant.  

Som Tum 

This dish tops the list for a reason. Som Tum is a Papaya salad which is a great appetizer to a heavy meal. This dish is healthy and light on stomach. Many Thai dishes contain fried or grilled meat so it is better to start off with something light.  

If you are really inclined and wish to eat super healthy, then you can even order your papaya salad with salad rolls or satay.  

Tom Yum Soup 

Som Tum thai dish

This is a soup and is quite a staple of Thai cuisine. Mind it, Tom Yum soup is really delicious and healthy. Perfect for those who want to something refreshing, yummy, and also do not want to compromise on the health factor.  

This Thai cuisine is also among those healthy dishes because it is made of a spicy broth with a lot of green veggies, and savory shrimps.  

You can have Tom Yum as a starter, sider or even as a main dish. This soup is made either with or without coconut milk. So, if you want something light, you can also ask the chef to make changes and order it without the milk.  

Generally, soups are always flavorful and tasty. However, some find it to be too much for an appetizer. If you are looking for something that gives you all in one – flavor, health, taste, and can also be a part of an entrée, this is the one that you should go for.   

Green Curry 

Thai curries are normally made by adding herbs, spices, fish sauce, lots of green vegetables, protein such as tofu. The curries are made from curry paste, coconut milk, water, fruits, herbs, and some aromatic leaves.   

Compared to other Thai curries, green curry is very fragrant because it is made from herbs, aromatics in the curry paste. If we compare red Thai curry with the green curry, latter is more fragrant, creamy, sweet, and salty.  

Thai curries are really delicious and healthy but at the same time these are also really filling. So, you might not order anything else after it. But you may want to save some for the lunch or the next meal.  

Phad Thai 

This Thai dish is relatively simple to make and it has nothing negative for your health. It is made with thin rice noodles, eggs, onions, bean sprouts, and fresh ground peanuts all mixed in a tamarind sauce. Each and every ingredient used is healthy, really good for those who look forward to eating healthy at a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong. 


Satay thai food in hong kong

If you get some grilled meat on a stick, you can load it up with protein and also avoid oils that usually come with the fryer.   

Satay makes for a great appetizer, irrespective of what it comes with, chicken, or prawns.  

Satay with a side of Thai ginger green salad is a whole meal in itself. It gives you a well-balanced meal. So, this Thai dish also makes to the list of healthiest Thai dishes. 

What Makes Thai Meal So Healthy? 

Thai meal contains a healthy balance of fats, proteins, and carbs. Thai meals also feature a variety of non-starchy vegetables which are a rich source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.  

The method of cooking used to make Thai food is exactly what makes the food so delicious and healthy. Other than that, credit goes to the ingredients used in almost every Thai cuisine. 

Thai Ingredients     


Turmeric in hong kong

Turmeric is related to the Ginger family. and native to Asia. Around the world, turmeric is used in the dried form and even in Thailand it is used in many Thai dishes.  

Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory agent. This ingredient not only protects platelets in the blood but also improves the blood circulation. Not just this, it also helps in fighting bacterial infections.  

It is also a powerful antioxidant which protects skin from pimples, acnes, and can also speed up the healing of damaged skin. 

Kaffir Lime Leaves 

Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime leaves also have antioxidant properties which help in purifying the blood. It also improves digestive system and keeps the dental and oral health intact. The kaffir lime leaves are the basic flavors that are used in Thai foods.  

This plant is also known for cleansing the mind and the body by everting evils. Thai dishes are made by using only fresh herbs which are in their natural forms. This is the best part of Thai food.  



You name a dish and you will find this ingredient in every Thai cuisine. Infact, not just Thai, garlic is used in every Asian cuisine. Garlic is not just used in Thai dishes, but in every cuisine around the globe.  

Just for your kind information, this is to add that China is the top garlic-producing country, with the annual production of 10 million tones and more.  

Garlic offers numerous health benefits like it lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol level and regulates blood sugar levels. It has anti-fungal properties, so it also helps in improving the digestive tract, as well as boosting up your energy. 



Thai dishes are mostly spiced up using chilies, both fresh and dried, depending on the dish that is being prepared. 

Just to add some knowledge, chilies originated in South America over 6000 years ago but now these are grown and used worldwide.  

Chilies, whether fresh or dried provide great health benefits if eaten. These can clear the sinuses and also alleviate congestion. Chilies also help in boosting the immune system, keeps the heart healthy and also helps in fighting inflammation. Red chilies are a good source of vitamin C. These hot and spicy little fruits can also act as a natural pain relief. Eating chilies has also been known to prevent blood clots. So, yet, again a great ingredient to cherish in Thai cuisines. 



It is a very common ingredient used not just in Thai food but also in Asian food items. Coriander helps in aiding digestion, improves the immune system, and fights against common minor illnesses. Just like other herbs, coriander also adds taste to the food items besides enhancing the aroma.


Thai food is healthy to eat and there is no doubt about it. Ingredients, the method of cooking all helps in making the food healthy and delicious.  

So, if you crave something that is mouth-watering, healthy, light, at the same time satisfies not just your intent but also your tummy, then there nothing can be better than Thai food. So, come to Mint and Basil, the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.