Which is better Red Chilli or Green Chilli? Benefits of Red & Green Chillies

Which is better Red Chilli or Green Chilli?

  The taste of chilli is very important if you are fond of spicy food. It becomes an important part of the meal. The amount of chilli can depend upon you. Some people like to eat raw green chillies others like to eat dry red chillies tempering in the form of pickles and sprinkled on their food.  But do you know which type of chilli is beneficial for your health? In this article, lets read about which chilli is healthy for you? Let’s compare both of it.   

Few benefits of Green Chillies and Red Chillies can be consumed for optimum benefit. Let’s read out.

Advantages of Green Chilli  

Advantages of Green Chilli

The use of green chilli in fresh salad, lentils or gravies plays an important role.  Around the globe, people use green chilli to enhance the flavour of the food.  It increases the taste and freshness of the dish. There are several advantages of consuming green chillies. Green chilli is not only a for taste but also brings many health benefits.   

Helps in Weight Loss Process 

Famous Green Chillies have no calories, Sounds great! Of course, their intake also enhances the metabolism.  It is very effective in weight loss. Green chillies are good for health and can be used in every dish. Eat it raw or with your salad it provides good source of vitamins.   

Good for Your Gut  

green chilli Good for your gut

Eating green chillies improves digestion because it includes a large amount of fibreFibre helps in the digestion process quickly and also keeps your gut healthy. Green chilli keeps your health in active mode when your stomach performs well because of its water retention.  

Active & Strong Heart 

There is one element which is very much important for heart and green chilli contains it. It is known as Beta-Carotene. It is found in green chilli and very beneficial for the heart. It helps in the cardiovascular system to work properly. It helps to control the blood pressure levels as well and keeps your heart healthy.  

Protection From Cancer

Protection From Cancer 

Green chillies contain strong antioxidants such as vitamin C. Green chillies are the big protector against cancer. “A spice that protects against cancer disease”. As a result, the presence of antioxidants, reduced the risk of lung cancer, oral cancer and colon cancer.  You can start using green chilli in your daily meal for better health results.  

Benefits of Red Chillies 

Benefits of Red Chillies

People who like the tastes of red chillies should also aware of its benefits. It is the older version of green chillies. When its water gets driesit turns red. The water quantity gets less while drying the green chillies.  Chilli powder is used in every food item to enhance its taste and colour. There are few health benefits which we get from red chillies too. Adding red chilli powder in Wok-fried assorted vegetables, lamb chops and many more Thai and Vietnamese cuisines gives a spicy flavor. Apart from that, there is no big difference in the nutrients of green and red chillies 

Few health benefits of Red chillies are: –  

Regulates Blood pressure

chilli benefits for Regulates Blood pressure  

Rich chilli is the richest source of potassium, which keeps check on your blood pressure. It tries to regulate blood pressure levels and keeps you away from stroke. 

Helps in Fat Burn  

Helps in Fat Burn red chilli 2

Red chilli helps in weight loss and kills fat in the body. The compound called capsaicin which aids the fat burning process of the body.  It also produces happy hormones and lifts your mood.  

Provides Vitamin C  

It is an enriched source of vitamin C. It keeps your immune system healthy and increases your capacity of fighting off disease. These important and active antioxidants boost the immune system. Vitamin C also makes your skin glow.  

Heart Health  

chilli benefits for Heart Healthy

The key for a healthy heart is adding some red chillies in your diet. In this way, it reduces the risk of heart disease. It helps in clearing blood clots, blockages and keep the heart at a good rate. A major benefit of eating red pepper is to stop blood clotting, which keeps the blood to circulate in the body properly. Thus, beneficial to maintain cardiovascular health.   

Now the question is, what is healthier to eat – Red or Green Chili. 

Both green and red Chillies have their own advantages. The big difference is how it should be consuming in the food.  Green chillies always consumed raw with your meals, but not with red chillies. Red chilli is used as a whole in the form of powder and pickle. Red Chilli has high chances of adulteration and can be little harmful to the body. So, it is advisable to avoid red chilli powder available in the market. Few people and some  Restaurants prepared this powder by drying the green Chillies, which is free from any chemical and good for health.