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Which Drinks Pair Best with Thai Food?

Thai cuisines give all four flavors such as sweet, sour, hot and salty. These are slightly different from the spicy Indian flavors of Indian curries, or even the more fragrant, herbal Vietnamese notes.  

Irrespective of the food you eat, it will always be incomplete without drinks. So, whether you have Thai food in Hong Kong’s best Thai restaurant or you decide to dig in any other street food, you will not feel satisfied. 

So, we have come up with this blog where you will get to know about the drinks that you can have with any Thai food. The drinks are no doubt many but we will take you through those served at Mint and Basil, the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.  

About Thai Food and Thai People in Hong Kong 

Generally, Thai culture is known for snacking. This is the reason there are so many side dishes available. Thai cuisine includes quick food items such as rice dishes and spring rolls with a variety of flavorful chicken and shrimp. Thai food also includes different salads and soups. Irrespective of the dish you eat, apart from being flavorful, it will also be aromatic, ready to tickle your nostrils.     

If we talk about other Asian dishes served at the same time, that can be salads, soups, deep-fried or steamed dishes, a stir-fry and Thai curries. So, to match a drink with each dish will be difficult.  

If we talk about Thai people in particular, they would not typically drink wine with food. They would have green tea or jasmine-infused water served either side of the meal.  

Authentic Thai food can be piping hot but with time, it has got modifications in the Western restaurants. The pairings that work the best are either aromatic, fruity wines, or cloudy wheat beers.  

Let us see some of the best combinations of Thai food and drinks.  

Jasmine Tea 

Jasmine Tea in hong kong

As already said, Thai people would not traditionally drink tea with their meals if you are not drinking alcohol with the meals, then it will be really refreshing.

Alsace – and other – Pinot Gris 

Alsace Pinot Gris has a touch of sweetness in it. At the same time, it also has an exotic muskiness that pairs perfectly with Thai spices.  

Spätlese and other Off-Dry Riesling 

A touch of sweetness helps a lot as it gives German and Austrian spätlese Rieslings and Alsace vendange an edge over a dry component. These tastes great with Thai-spiced seafood items such as stir-fried and salads. 


This is said to be favourite of many as it combines Thai and other oriental cuisines. Also, it goes better with some Thai dishes such as red curries. With more delicate Thai dishes like spicy crab cakes or green mango and papaya salads, this goes really well.  


Quality is supreme, performs great with Asian food, including Thai. This may not gel up well with the hotter dishes but it is worth a try.  


This one is great for the people on a budget. Quality is on top and quite pocket-friendly, as already said.   

Witbier/Bière Blanche 

Witbier Biere Blanche
Witbier Biere Blanche

If you are going to drink beer with Thai meal, make sure it is witbier i.e., bière blanche. Fragrant, citrussy and spicy- it is wonderfully refreshing with the heat and sour tastes.  

Exotic Fruit Juices 

With intense sweetness, most tropical fruit juices marry perfectly well with almost every Thai cuisine.  

Mint and Basil also offers a variety of drinks to pair with your Thai cuisines.  

Here is the menu you can explore and order your favourite Thai food and drink.  

Mint and Basil, the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong offer drinks that range from sparkling champagne, white, red wines, draught beers, whiskey, brandy, vodka, tequila, gin, and cocktails, mocktails, iced drinks, shakes etc. Order any and have a gala time!