Where to Eat the Best Pan-Asian Food in Hong Kong? Mint & Basil

Where to Eat the Best Pan-Asian Food in Hong Kong?

Before answering this question, let me take you through the basics of Pan-Asian food.  

If you are in Hong Kong, and you feel hungry, you must try the best Pan-Asian food from the best Indian restaurant in Hong Kong and that is Mint and Basil. 

Now, first let’s get back to the basics. 

Define Pan-Asian Food 

Pan-Asian food encompasses special dishes from different nations and cultures throughout the Asian continent. Any cuisine from a culture originating from any greater continent of Asia including, but not just limited to, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Indian. 

Define Pan Asian Food

If you visit Indian Restaurant like Mint and Basil in Tung Chung, you are likely to get the option of eating the Pan-Asian cuisines, which include spicy curry dishes from the rural Southern part of India. Other than these, the dishes include pork, rice, vegetable dishes from Vietnam. 

You can eat Pan–Asian food at a well-known Indian restaurant and have a gala time with your pals.  

Is Pan-Asian Food Healthy? 

To be honest Pan-Asian food is much healthier than the other western cuisines. It is healthy because of the lack of dairy, additives, fat and the entire focus remains on the flavour, ingredients, and spices that are used to cook the Pan-Asian cuisines.  

Not just this, if you are thinking to dine at the best Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong, then visit Mint and Basil in Tung Chung. You will find a lot of healthy options on their food menu.  

What to Eat at the Best Pan-Asian Restaurant in Hong Kong?    

Besides offering you a friendly, relaxing environment, Mint and Basil offer you a whole lot of options to choose from when it comes to food and drinks. 

The best part of the food you devour at Mint and Basil is that in every dish you will get to savour the aromatic and healthy flavours of therapeutic herbs that is Mint and Basil, hence the name of one of the best Thai restaurants in Hong Kong.   

Why You Must Eat Pan-Asian Food? 

Regardless of the type, all foods are great and must be tried and eaten at least once. Food is actually the remedy to all sorts of illnesses because almost every food contains green vegetables, protein-rich meat, eggs, and spices. The ways of preparing the food, quantity of spices and veggies that are added differ from one cuisine to another.  

Must Eat Pan Asian Food

When it comes to eating Asian food, it is well-known for its nutritious and balanced properties. 

Even the researchers at the International Food Policy Research Institute also believe that the Asian plant-based diet which includes locally grown staple grains like rice, potatoes, beans, legumes, and fruits provides protection against many chronic illnesses. Every single ingredient that is added to Pan-Asian food has some or other health benefits.  

On the whole Pan-Asian diet includes a healthy balance of meat, vegetables, and fruits – A complete combination of healthy, yummy, and content food. 

Top 10 Pan-Asian, Indian Restaurants in Hong Kong  

We know the benefits of eating Pan-Asian food. Now, let us see the places where you can have the yummiest food and feel on top of the world.  

Mint and Basil, Tung Chung 

If you are a food lover and are looking forward to having a memorable experience with food, the ambiance in Hong Kong, then visit the widely preferred and popular choice among people i.e., Mint and Basil. There are two outlets – the first is located in Tung Chung area, near The Hong Kong Airport and the second is in Sai Wan Ho area of Hong Kong Island close to the Victoria Harbor.  

mint and basil is femous for indian and thai food restaurant in hong kong

The best part of the restaurant is that it is sea-facing, offers you a cool breeze, exotic air, and a calm ambiance. You will find the major attractions near the restaurant like Island East Sports Centre, Hong Kong Film Archive, Quarry Bay Park, and Sai Wan Ho FerryPier. If you want to try our signature Vietnamese and Thai cuisines then, must-try Vietnamese Sugar Cane Shrimp, Char-Grilled Beef Sirloin with Lemongrass, and Vietnamese Yellow Curry with vegetables or chicken. 


Chachawan pan asian restaurant in hong kong

This is another Thai restaurant that dishes out great food from the North-Eastern regional cuisine of Isaan. It offers crowd-pleasing dishes like Gai Yang, a juicy grilled chicken thigh, Goong Golae, made with tiger prawn in a dry red coconut curry, and Sam Chan Tort Glua, a deep-fried crispy pork belly dish served with tangy and spicy tamarind sauce. It adds a slight kick and even more flavor. 

Indonesian State House 

Indonesian Sate House restaurant hong kong

If you are looking for something different in this Cantonese-heavy area, then Indonesian Sate House serves up a range of Indonesian favourites such as beef rendang curry and goreng noodles. This tiny shop has a fantastic nutty satay recipe – a must for any Indonesian worth its salt. 

Bibi and Baba 

Bibi and Baba restaurant in hong kong

This is the latest Southeast Asian restaurant you must hit in Hong Kong. Serving up Nyonya, also known as Peranakan, cuisine in Hong Kong, this restaurant aims to bring vibrant flavors, spices, and colors. We would recommend you to go for the creamy laksa or flavorful Penang prawn mee, topped with crispy kueh pie tees. For more punchy flavors, you can also choose options like Assam fish, shrimp stir-fried with petai (a stinky bean) or beef rendang. 


Monsoon restaurant in hong kong

This restaurant is the brainchild of reputed chef Will Meyrick. He is the man behind. Now, unfortunately, closed pan-Asian restaurant Mama San has returned with another hybrid cuisine dining concept. Delving into the Southeast Asian flavors of Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and more, this restaurant offers a wide range on its menu. 


Samsen pan asian restaurant in hong kong

This offers solid Thai street food and boat noodles to Hong Kong, a popular Thai restaurant. Samsen is a favorite among many people in Hong Kong.  

The generous bowls of wagyu beef boat noodles are topped with veggies, beef balls and crunch in a meaty and rich broth. We would highly recommend getting extra crispy pork or fish skin to complement the meal. Along with it, a beer would not hurt either.  

Casual and a bit cramped, this eatery feels as though it came straight out of Bangkok‘s side streets.  

Café Malacca  

Cafe Malacca restaurant in hong kong

You may not have the best Southeast Asian food without visiting this restaurant. This is one of the most authentic Malaysian and Singaporean kitchens in the city. Ranked high, if among the local Southeast Asians in the town. The smoky and aromatic char koay teow here is one of their most popular dishes.  


Xuan restaurant in hong kong

Helmed by Vietnamese chef John Nguyen, formerly of Chôm Chôm, Xuan is a modern-style Vietnamese restaurant. It offers all the classics with a little bit of a twist.  

The 12-hour braised beef tongue salad, for example, is a winning start with freshness from green mango, pomelo, and homemade citrus dressing, which is followed by the signature beef pho in a beef broth, simmered for about 24-hours.  

You can even opt for amplifying the noodles with add-ons like roasted beef bone marrow, chicken heart, liver, or crispy skin. The com ga Hoi and chicken rice is another star dish – it gets the top marks, so you can try this out too.  

Why Choose Mint and Basil? 

When it comes to eating, always prefer the best, for it is not about the money but the body and its health. No matter the type of food you eat, it should have health benefits and should also be tasty. But many people believe that healthy food cannot be tasty or vice versa.  

But here’s I am breaking this myth because Mint and Basil is the place where you can get everything perfect – right from the price range to healthy and delicious food. 

Also, there are a variety of dishes that the Mint and Basil’s menu offers like soups, cold and hot appetizers, salads, grill and tandoor, herritage curry, from the wok, seafood, Indian, and Malaysian breads, rice, dessert and specialty noodles.  

Choose from the wide range of options – Indian, Thai, Vietnamese food and satiate your hunger pangs.  

So, come and enjoy the best delicious food ever.