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What is the best Fine Dining restaurant in Hong Kong?

The choices in food of Hong Kong is limitless. Whether a tourist or a local, one always wants to have a breathtaking dining experience. The city is considered as one of the best destinations in Asia for foodies. From cheap and yummy street food to a dinner in classic restaurant, fine dining, Hong Kong has everything to offer you. 

Read on to find the best restaurants that are situated near the tourist points to have a fine dining experience in the city. 

1.Mint & Basil – Sai Wan Ho

best restaurant for fine dining in hong kong

Mint & Basil is a well-known Vietnamese and Thai restaurant in Hong Kong that serves the authentic taste of Asian cuisines. The restaurant is in Sai Wan Ho which is just 15 minutes away from the most famous tourist attraction point – Victoria harbor 

As the restaurant is located near the heart of the city, this place has got a lot of popularity among tourists due to its world class Thai food, Vietnamese cuisine, and other South Asian signature dishes dishes. The place has beautiful environment and the front seat of this place gives a fantastic view of harbor. So, you can enjoy your dinner while viewing the admiring night scene of harbor. 

2. Louise – Sheung Wan 

At Louise, you are served your order in a very decent and heartful way. The staff of this French restaurant treats their customers as family guests and approach them very nicely. The place has a very charming environment to have a fine dinner.  

Louise - Sheung Wan hong kong

Talking about the food, the executive chef has included some standout meals to their menu. You can have chorizo, smoked organic egg, pumpkin purée, and more interesting cuisines. You can also have an array of choices in drinks too 

3. Islam Food – Kowloon City 

Kowloon street is famous for its local food and most of the tourist visit the place to enjoy local Cantonese cuisines, Thai food, or other Asian dishes. However, a lot of tourists in Hong Kong are Muslims who love to enjoy the food they are always eating. Also, Hong Kong population includes around 300,000 Muslims as per 2016 census. 

Islam Food hong kong

So, for all those people who love Islamic food, there’s a restaurant named Islam Food in Kowloon City. Whether you are a local or a tourist, if you want to have a taste of Chinese Halal foodthen this restaurant will get you covered.   

4. Mint & Basil – Tung Chung 

This is another outlet for fine dining of Mint & Basil restaurants. If you have just landed Hong Kong, then this restaurant could be a perfect place to start your trip as it’s just 10 minutes away from Hong Kong International Airport.  

Mint & Basil – Tung Chung best dinner restuaraant in hong kong

It’s an open space restaurant in Tung Chung where you have a cozy dining experience. The indoor space is very classy having burnished wood decks. On the other hand, the outdoor space has a big Alfresco area which is very breezy and comfortable to enjoy lunch. It’s a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong because it serves the best delicious Vietnamese cuisines. 

5. Peking Garden Restaurant – Tsim Sha Tsui 

Feeling hungry while exploring Victoria Harbor? No worries, Peking Garden Restaurant is a nearby place offering the best Chinese food and seafood. The restaurant has a soothing environment with a touch of Imperial China view 

Peking Garden Restaurant - Tsim Sha Tsui hong kong

The menu of the restaurant has variety of sizzling dishes including Cantonese cuisines and seafood. The most liked dishes of the place include King Prawns & Scallops and Peking duck. Alternatively, you can have Beggar’s chicken, Pork dishes, Crab Meat Sauce and a lot more choices.   

6. Grissini – Wan Chai 

This is another restaurant with a view of Victoria harbor. This place is surrounded by elegant décor and an impressive zillion-dollar view that gives you the classiest feel while having a dinner 

Peking Garden best fine dining restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui

While being into the restaurant, the guests are served breadsticks after which the place is named. To add more exciting feel, the chef himself serves Italian dishes, meats, Chinese cuisines, sea food or whatever you would like to have. 

7. Hoi On Café – Sheung Wan 

Cha Chaan Teng is a famous local food in Hong Kong and Hoi On Café is one such restaurant that serves this famous local cuisine. The restaurant is currently run by the second-generation of the owner and new staff but it has preserved its traditional look. 

most famous restaurant for dining

The specialty of this restaurant is that they offer fresh food and dessert. You can yourself witness the ongoing actions as the resto has open kitchen. So, if you are interested to have a dinner seating at old style furniture and surrounding, then you can go for this place to relive those times. 

8. Belon – Central 

With a little and decent interior décor, this restaurant let the food to say everythingThe restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes with the perfect blend of ingredients and textureBelon serves some wonderful dishes including fresh oyster tartare, pigeon pie, chickpea falafel and a lot more. They provide their customers an opportunity to always remember them for their food. 

Belon - Central dining restaurant in hong kong

Now you have got enough choices to try out amazing food on a fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong. Enjoy your tour and have a happy eating!