What Are Some Amazing Vegetarian Thai Food Dishes?

What Are Some Amazing Vegetarian Thai Food Dishes?

In Asian countries, you cannot bypass the delicious local dishes. Thai food is just one of the best choices they offer and Hong Kong is no exception. Thai cuisine is by no means delicate and exotic, having mash and mix flavors to achieve a balanced meal. 

If you walk into a typical Thai restaurant, generally most of the dishes will be specified as non-vegetarian on the menu. So, most people think that Thai food is just a choice for non-vegetarians, which isn’t true. In fact, there is a variety of vegetarian Thai food dishes that you can try. It is one of the food kinds that can easily be made with vegetarian options.    

Here are some of the best vegetarian Thai food options to try in Hong Kong!  

Pad Thai Veg  

Pad Thai Veg in ghong kong

Introducing to you an exotic delicacy of Thai food! As the signature dish of Thailand, which is as famous as other cuisines in the world, Pad Thai is a choice of all Thai food lovers. But most of the people think that Pad Thai noodles are only available with non-vegetarian options, which is completely incorrect. In fact, originally it was a vegetarian dish which was then improvised with non-vegetarian options. Having countless variations of this classic, Pad Thai is a must-try vegetarian Thai food.  

Pad Pak Boong

Pad Pak Boong hong kong

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most delicious dishes in Thai cuisine. You will find Pak Boong or Morning Glory in almost all Thai food stalls. It is a popular dish in Hong Kong and can be used to accompany rice.

This vegetarian Thai food dish is made up of soybean paste, soy sauce, garlic, and chili peppers. Most of the time they put oyster sauce, but you can ask to have it removed. On the other hand, Morning Glory is one of the healthiest dishes you can find in Thai cuisine. Simple to prepare and delicious to taste.  

Wok Fried Noodles Veg  

Wok Fried Noodles Vegetarian thai food in hong kong

Use to eat only tasteless vegetarian noodles? Try wok-fried noodles that add flavor to make your vegetable noodles more palatable. We cannot get enough of noodle dishes made with Thai style. Wok-fried noodles made with vegetables, offer you to experience the authentic Thai taste without consuming non-vegetarian.   

Tom Kha Gai Veg  

Tom Kha Gai Veg hong kong

Chicken Tom Kha soup is common, but you can have it on the vegetarian menu too. This is probably not a soup to be found everywhere, but you can ask to make a variation by removing the meat and adding more vegetables.  

Tom Kha Gai resembles tom yum and is ideal for people who cannot tolerate spice. Not only is Tom Kha Gai unique when it comes to spices, it usually includes lots of coconut milk which, being so creamy, makes it a delicious sweet soup and perfect for vegetarians. Like most Thai dishes, a vegetarian version can easily be made by substituting a few ingredients.  

Green Curry Fried Rice with Vegetables  

Green Curry Fried Rice with Vegetables hong kong

Usually made with chicken, however, it could be omitted for a mouth-watering vegetarian option. This one is a typical Thai cuisine that most of the restaurants offer.  

Although it depends on the restaurant, they make variations of the curries; a good option is a vegetarian curry. At Mint & Basil, you can try green curry fried rice with lots of vegetables for lunch or dinner.  

Mix Vegetable Curry  Mix Vegetable Curry one of famous Vegetarian thai food


This Thai classic will leave vegetarians and meat-eaters alike full and happy. Most Thai dishes try to combine as many flavors as possible to make the dishes more remarkable, and stir-fry vegetables are no exception. While these veggies may sound bland, when combined with a tablespoon of sugar, salt, and some spices, you can order another meal of this delicious dish.  

Thai mix vegetable curry is packed with some kind of protein substitute and is just as delicious as its meat equivalents.  

Vegetable Spring Rolls 

Vegetable Spring Rolls in hong kong 

Another vegetarian Thai food dish in Hong Kong that you will find in all markets are spring rolls with a sweet and sour sauce along with spicy touch.  

They come in different sizes, different textures and the portion is very cheap. If you are looking for a crispy snack or a hot appetizer, this one perfectly goes with your choice.  

Mango Sticky Rice  

Mango Sticky Rice hong kong

To finish this list of Thai vegetarian dishes, the star Thai food in Hong Kong and that cannot be missed: Mango Sticky Rice.  

If you are traveling through Hong Kong, you cannot leave without trying this delicious Thai dessert. Mainly it contains mango, coconut milk and glutinous rice and of course, it’s extremely delicious.  

Concludingly, although in Thai food, there are most of the non-vegetarian options, you can find a variety of vegetarian Thai dishes that will make you enjoy its gastronomic culture in Hong Kong.