Unknown Specifics of Vietnamese Food in Hong Kong No One Will Tell You

Unknown Specifics of Vietnamese Food in Hong Kong No One Will Tell You

Vietnamese food on mind? Are you curious about what makes Vietnamese food so special? Can’t wait to taste all the healthier yet mouth-watering dishes? Before you go ahead, let us get you through the most amazing information about Vietnamese food in Hong Kong.  

“The elements, the flavors, the cooking and everything that makes Vietnamese food – a choice for health and taste.”  

Read everything you need to know about Vietnamese cuisine. A kitchen that, according to many ”Foodies” is the most balanced and most refined cuisine in Asia.   

What is nice about a trip through Hong Kong is your journey through this elongated country; you always end up in different areas, each with its own character in the restaurants. However, when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, they all share the perfect balance between sweet, sour, spiciness and the aroma of fresh herbs and fish sauce.  

Elements of Vietnamese Food in Hong Kong  

Elements of Vietnamese Food in Hong Kong

Vietnam, after Thailand, is the second-largest exporter of rice. So, it is not difficult to guess what an important basic element of Vietnamese cuisine is. Rice is on the menu for almost every meal – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If something else is eaten, such as noodles, what are these made from? You guessed it – Rice!  

The other almost sacred basic element is fish sauce (nuoc mam), and you can find it in every authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong. It is used in broths, wok dishes, marinades and dips. The sauce is extracted from fermented fish. It is produced almost along the entire coastline, but the Vietnamese swear by fish sauce from the coastal towns.   

Herbs and Spices in Vietnamese Cuisine  

Herbs and Spices in Vietnamese Cuisine

There are rice or rice noodles. There is fish sauce. But those two elements do not yet provide the excellent balance that makes Vietnamese cuisine so special. The country is rich in the finest herbs and spices that turn any dish into a feast for the taste buds. Many dishes come with a complete bowl of fresh herbs so that you can season your dish yourself.   

The most common are:  

For garnishing  

  • Mint  
  • Basil  
  • Coriander  
  • Lime leaves  
  • Spring onion  
  • Perilla leaves  

In dishes  

  • Cinnamon  
  • Ginger  
  • Lemongrass  
  • Turmeric  

As an extra garnish, you often see pickled carrots and garlic. Furthermore, cooking is slightly sweeter in the south of Vietnam than in the north. This is because of the influence of coconut products and palm sugar, which also affect the variety of Vietnamese cuisine in other countries. This, therefore, offers a variety of Vietnamese food in Hong Kong 

Where’s the chili?  

In contrast to Thai cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine is less spicy. Chili is used less as an ingredient and more as a garnish or in dips. So, you have the choice to decide the amount of spice you want in the dish.  


Dips vietnamese cuisine

Dipping sauces are also a very important part of Vietnamese cuisine. Just go to a Vietnamese restaurant, and you will find that almost every dish has its own dipping sauce. The 3 most common types are: 

  • Fish sauce  

A good quality fish sauce is flavored with lime, sugar, garlic and chili. This is delicious with rice or noodle dishes and anything you can dip in it.  

  • Soy sauce  

Simple yet important! Salty soy sauce combined with some chopped chili gives a delicious salty, spicy experience. Additionally, it tastes best with fried rice, stir-fried vegetables or dishes with egg.  

  • Salt/pepper sauce

So simple but very tasty. A mixture of salt and pepper in which lime is squeezed. Add some chili to your taste, and hence you have the best dipping sauce for grilled meat or fish.  

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