Travelers Guide to Indian Food - Where to Eat the Best Indian Cuisine

Travelers guide to Indian Food : What & Where to Eat the Best Indian Cuisine

Whether the tourists or local residents of Hong Kong, they never worry about what to eat. There are several restaurants in Hong Kong, serving a constant stream of tourists and locals with a variety of dishes in ThaiVietnamese, Chinese, Italian, indian Cuisine and so on.  

In Hong Kong, you can taste a dazzling array of delicious dishes and varied styles of Indian cuisine, including Punjab’s tandoori barbecue, variety of naans, Kerala’s fish curry, and countless delicacies.  

Let’s get you through the specialties of Indian food and take a dive into the Indian cuisines you must try 

Why is Indian Food delicious?  

The ingredients are cooked together in a hodgepodge, accompanied by a charming fragrance, this is the Indian cuisine that has taken the world by storm. People who are new to its flavors are usually frightened by this “sea tactic” cooking method with various spices. The strong aroma of cardamom, a lot of chili with tamarind, and other seasonings, people who are not familiar with it will be overwhelmed by the rich taste that fills the mouth.  The combination of these cooking techniques creates the fascinating flavors of popular Indian cuisine. 

Must-Try Indian Dishes in Hong Kong  

  • Butter  Chicken 

eat Butter Chicken at indian restaurant in hong kong

With all the delicious flavours of cream, garlic, tomatoes, coriander, butter, and ginger, Butter Chicken is a specialty of Indian food. Typically known as murgh makhani in India, the aromatic flavors of this dish are to be loved. Presentation with the creamy and buttery sauce having the golden pieces of chicken make it more tempting. The dish could be served individually, or it also complemented the best with garlic naan or tandoori roti.  


Vegetarian Samosa in hong kong

This moreish starter snack is very crispy and chewy while eating. Loaded with potatoes, peas, vegetables and spices, these triangle pastries are fried in vegetable oil. This one is a perfect pick for vegetarians who do not want to compromise with taste. If you haven’t tried samosa before in your life, you are missing a big part in delicious food.  

  • Chicken Tikka  

indain famous Chicken Tikka in hong kong

It would be hard that someone won’t fall in love with the taste after trying this. Chicken tikka is basically a North Indian style snack prepared by marinating boneless chicken in spices and yogurt. Traditionally, this dish was prepared in a clay oven (tandoor). But now, it’s cooked on grills or regular oven to make the cooking process fast.  

  • Dal Makhni 

famous indian food Dal Makhni in hong kong

If you haven’t tried this yet, you don’t know the real taste of India. Indian people are fond of Dal Makhni and its creamy smooth texture. It’s another great option for vegetarians. This is a classic dish made with mixed lentils that are simmered in creamy and spicy sauce. To taste the rich and traditional taste of Dal Makhni, head on to Mint & Basil, which serves the best Indian cuisines with the authentic flavors.  

  • Chicken Biryani  

indian non veg Chicken Biryani

A rice dish loaded with spicy chicken made with different ingredients such as a creamy blend of onions, tomatoes, yogurt, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, and so on.   

Chicken biryani is a whole meal suitable for any time or occasion. Want an amazing Sunday meal or something delicious for dinner, biryani is a perfect dish to choose.   

The matching of Indian Food with Wine

Don’t expect a single wine to perfectly match all Indian dishes. The challenge of matching wine with the entire Indian cuisine is not only compatible with various flavors but also related to cultural differences.  

The matching of Indian cuisine with Wine

The wines that can be considered to pair with famous Indian food are the full-bodied Syrah wines or the Grenache. Variety-based blended wines; energetic and elegant wines made from Cabernet grapes; wines made from Merlot grapes in Washington, USA.  

Don’t forget to ask for the recommendation of wine matching while enjoying delicious Indian food.  

Where to Eat the Best Indian Food in Hong Kong?

Mint & Basil is a famous Asian food restaurant in Tung Chung, so there is no need to introduce it. Before entering the restaurant, occasionally you need to wait in a queue in front of the door crowded with people. So, it is advised to book a table in advance in order to beat the line and try out the Signature Dishes. 

PAN Asian Restaurant service staff will be very happy to introduce you to the dishes and recommend those flavored dishes that will provoke your taste buds.  

Where to Eat the Best Indian Food in Hong Kong

Depending on your taste and acceptance of spicy food, you can enjoy delicious Indian and Asian cuisine all day long. 

Tip: The restaurant offers Special Dishes for children, vegetarians, and even offer amazing discounts.  

For foodies who always want to try something new, this is a real treat! Mint & Basil has an enviable mix of old and new cuisines, offering everything from experimental modern India to traditional Asian food variety. Don’t miss to try diverse food in Hong Kong.