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Top 5 Healthy Salads You Must Try In Hong Kong


With the growing demand for eating healthy, it’s no wonder that everyone is looking for healthy dining options. So, if your mantra is to eat better, must try these healthy salads from the best restaurant in Hong Kong. All these salads are loaded with full of nutrients. It keeps you healthy from the inside and are the perfect meal option for everyone. Whether you are a meat eater who is looking for a fresh start or just a vegan who simply adores the perfectly roasted sweet potatoes, have a look at the most delicious and best salads in town that will delight your palate and fill you up. Healthy food never tasted so good.   

5 Salads To Beat The Hong Kong Summer Heat

5 Salads To Beat The Hong Kong Summer Heat  

Som Tam Goong 泰式青木瓜鮮蝦沙律  

Som Tam Goong is a green papaya salad that you can find in any restaurant in Hong Kong. But at Mint & Basil, experience traditional Thai flavors which are so perfectly balanced that you will definitely love its taste. Not too sour, spicy, or sweet, the dish is super crunchy and refreshing. From thin strips of green papaya, crunchiness of roasted peanuts, small dried shrimps, and a tangy sauce which is made with garlic, chili peppers, fish sauce, lime, tamarind juice, and much more. The sauce comes with sweetness and spiciness that makes this salad more mouthwatering. You can also choose the ingredients according to your choice.  

Som Tam Goong

Yum Mamueng Poo Nim 青芒果軟殼蟹沙律  

Another most famous salad in Hong Kong is Yum Mamueng Poo Nim which is made up of green mango and various refreshing flavors and a little bit crunchy texture. The fried soft-shell crab is a blend of fish sauce, lime juice, chilis, and palm sugar. The other ingredients used in this dish are garlic, ginger, cilantro, Chinese celery, and lemongrass. Once you tried this salad, you will definitely love the softness of shell crab, and it’s spicy too. Those who are in love with spicy food, must try this salad today that can be found in many restaurants in Hong Kong 

Yum Mamueng Poo Nim

M & B Caesar Salad 凱撒沙律  

This salad is made with crispy romaine lettuce, garlic naan crouton, parmesan cheese shavings with spicy tandoori caesar dressing. The ingredients and variations of this salad are amazing and we serve this dish in Mint & Basil way. It’s a perfect meal for lunch as it is full up of nutrients, lip-smacking flavors, and beautifully presented salad definitely does not fail to impress. You can’t go wrong when ordering this divine treat.   

M B Caesar Salad

Yum Som O 泰式柚子鮮蝦沙律  

This Thai-style pomelo salad with an assortment of greens such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, beans, carrots as well as a generous amount of freshly chopped cilantro. The salad is mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, palm sugar, and fresh chili peppers. People often consume it with the main course of any dish or you can have it with various Thai dishes. Beat the Hong Kong summer heat with this refreshing and healthy salad which is perfect for a great lunchtime meal or pre-main course delight. 

Yum Som O

Yum Nhue Yang 泰式牛肉沙律  

Yum Nhue Yang is a classic Thai salad made with thin slices of grilled beef, green leafy vegetables, and various herbs that are laced with a spicy, sweet, sour, and savory dressing. The salad includes various healthy vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, spring onion, celery, mint leaves, coriander leaves, shallots, and lemongrass. This healthy beef salad is typically prepared with a mix of fish sauce, lime squeeze, chilis, and palm sugar. Also they used various ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and coriander roots that makes this salad more mouthwatering. This dish can be eaten all alone or served with rice noodles, tacky rice, or jasmine rice on the side. The balance of flavors with an eye-catching presentation makes this salad not only aesthetically pleasing but also tasteful. 

Yum Nhue Yang salad

Whenever you are in Hong Kong, must try these delicious healthy salads that come with various flavors, ingredients, veggies, and much more. Apart from this, there are many more Thai salads that will make you enjoy its gastronomic culture in Hong Kong.