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Por Pia Thord Je: Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls for Vegetarians


Think for a moment of an oriental appetizer… Did you say spring rolls? It is the quintessential dish, which practically everyone has eaten on more than one occasion. There are as many rolls as Asian cuisines – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and more. All these countries have their own particular roll recipe.

In Hong Kong, you will get delicious Asian delicacies with their authentic taste. What should, of course, also not be missed are the spring rolls.

The spring roll, as you can find it in Asian restaurants throughout Hong Kong, is a large deep-fried roll made from spring roll sheets made from wheat flour, with a filling of thin noodles or vegetables.

What are Vegetarian spring rolls made of?

What are Vegetarian spring rolls made of

Por Pia Thord Je is a dish with influences from the gastronomy of Vietnam and is very typical in Vietnamese Food. The recipes of rolls are very common throughout Asia, but each country has its different versions, and in Hong Kong, we prepare them in a very characteristic way. The crispy casing with the filling of vegetables and noodles provides the traditional taste of this Vietnam delicacy. The spring rolls in Hong Kong are served with chili sauce.  

Spring rolls are the perfect excuse to really indulge yourself in a tasty Vietnamese snack. These are capable enough to make you captivated by the wonderful scent. Finely chopped onions, mushrooms, vermicelli noodles are used for stuffing the rolls. Carrot gives a lot of flavor to Asian dishes and spring rolls are no exception  

How To Eat Vietnamese Spring Rolls?

While eating Por Pia Thord Je, you’ll hear a ‘crack-crack’, confirming the crunch and crispiness of delicious fried rolls. You can either pick them with chopsticks or with hands (whatever feels easy to you). It is wise to blow in the spring roll before taking a bite. The vegetable inside is, in most cases vary, but especially insidiously hot. So, to avoid burning your mouth, it is a good idea to blow out some heat first. The sauce that goes well with them is lime chili sauce. It enhances the taste of savory Vietnamese spring rolls. So, these are eaten by dipping the hot rolls into the complementary piquant sauce.  

Are spring rolls healthy for you?    

Eating healthy while having taste is not always easy, we agree. Healthy spring rolls that are not always possible, is it? Oh yes indeed! Curious about how many calories are in a spring roll? Or, more specifically, how much fat, sugars, and carbohydrates is in a spring roll?   

Are spring rolls healthy for you

You’ll be happy to know that the ingredients of vegetarian spring rolls are generally quite healthy. One thing that makes anything unhealthy is the stuff that goes into the deep fryer. Although fried spring rolls have a relatively high energy distribution from fat, approximately 46%, vegetables will reduce the amount of fat and makes it a healthier option to choose. Moreover, the lime chili sauce helps in the easy digestion of these fried rolls. That is why, people like this Vietnamese appetizer a lot as it lets them to enjoy the incredible taste without compromising health.    

Where to eat the best spring rolls in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a true ‘foodies’ paradise. A place to offer you a feast for the senses! When you travel through Hong Kong, you get the feeling that people are eating everywhere here. This is mainly because locals eat a lot of variety here. People who work in the office often spend their lunchtime on the street eating and the range of food stalls and enormous restaurants. If you are hungry at a certain time of the day, you can almost find something within a short distance where you can buy something to eat.   

Where to eat the best spring rolls in Hong Kong

In the case of vegetarian spring rolls, there are roughly two options for eating: in restaurants (from very simple to quite luxurious), and at street food stalls. It is tempting to eat on the street, but hygiene is not guaranteed. On the other hand, the hygiene in restaurants is better, and there are often better options for sitting.  

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