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Pad Thai or Chow Mein: Eat this or that?

Looking over the diversity in Asian cuisines, one thing is clear – there’s no shortage of variety in noodles, and we are going to compare the two most popular among all i.e., Chow Mein and Pad Thai. 

Ever wondered the difference between the twoThese staple Asian noodles may seem similar, but they are entirely different in terms of aesthetic and health benefits. 

Although both are popular noodle dishes, what sets them apart is authenticity, taste, and composition.   

Are we going to hit a big noodle competition for both of these? Absolutely not. But yes, there are a lot of differences between these which we are going to discuss now.  

Let’s get started! 

Know them first! 

We all know this, but telling in case someone is unaware or a non-Asian – while Chow Mein is a Chinese dish, Pad Thai noodles are originated in Thailand.  

Pad Thai

These are basically stir-fried rice noodles mixed with flour and made with tamarind sauce, protein, scrambled egg, chicken, or your choice of seafoodtopped with peanuts and served with lime wedges. Moreover, condiments are used while serving, such as spring onion, Red Chilli pepper, bean sprouts, and also some fresh vegetables.  

Pad Thai or Chow Mein Eat this or that

This Thai food includes a great variety of texture and flavors depending upon the ingredients you choose. If you want to taste the best Pad Thai, try out Mint & Basil special Pad Thai with shrimps. 

Chow Mein

These are the preboiled noodles made by tossing with soy sauce and other light sauces. Apart from noodles, it contains carrot, cabbage, chicken, or any other protein source.   

Chow Mein

Depending upon your taste, variations in Chow Mein Chinese noodles include classic, Chow Mein with beef and broccoli, mushrooms, shrimps, or other vegetables. 

While Chow Mein is a staple of many restaurants in China, Pad Thai is an equally famous Thai cuisine due to its rich taste and health benefits.  


Pad Thai is a perfect snack for all moods. Whether you want some salty, tangy, or sour, it would get you covered. With the savory flavor of shrimp and fish sauce, sour with tamarind paste, and the tint of sweetness with palm sugar, it’s an all-time meal.  

Depending upon the recipe and ingredient of the Chow Mein, they could be crunchy, spicy, or salty. It is a perfect snack for the evening and is most popular among the kids.   


Comparison Chart 

To make the things simple and easy to understand, here are the properties of Pad Thai and Chow Mein compared: 

Pad Thai Chow Mein 
All-time snack Great evening snack 
Tastes savory and sour Tastes crunchy and spicy 
High in protein Intermediate in protein 
Low in calories High in calories and carbohydrates 
Healthy and nutritious A Large amount of fat 
Boost energy Reduces energy, making us feel lazy 
Best enjoy with chicken and shrimps Best enjoy with vegetables and chicken 

Where to eat the best Pad Thai or Chow Mein in Hong Kong? 

Looking to taste the best versions of these famous noodle dishesHere’s where you can go! 

Although Hong Kong is not the original place of Pad Thai, yet you can enjoy delicious Pad Thai noodles here made with the authenticity of Thailand. Just arrived in Hong Kong? Head on to Mint & Basil Tung Chung near to the Airport to enjoy this Thai cuisine. 

thai foods restaurant in hong kong

If you are exploring the Hong Kong island, stop by Mint & Basil Sai Wan Ho, near to the Victoria Harbour, and enjoy mouth-watering Pad Thai. 

Craving to taste the best Chow Mein in Hong Kong? Visit Veggie SF to eat vegetarian Chow Mein or Congee n Noodle’ to relish authentic Chinese noodles. 

Final Verdict: Is Pad Thai or Chow Mein better? 

Either Chow Mein or Pad Thai, both have different authenticity making them delicious options to consume. Depending upon your tastebuds, you can go with the one you like and the flavors you enjoy. It would be biased if we choose one, as both are tasty. 

If you are a person who seeks the taste, no matter what the food is made of and what are its results on your body, both are fantastic go-to options. 

Talking about the benefits, if you are concerned about health, then Pad Thai is a better option. It provides both the taste and health benefits and is most recommended.   

Whatever you take, the choice is yours!