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Must Try Hot and Cold Appetizers in Hong Kong

Appetizers are finger foods usually served before the meal. Also called by names such as hors d’oeuvres, antipasti, or starters, these are sometimes served in between the meals too. These range in variety from very simple to extremely complex, completely depending on the occasion and the time taken to prepare.  

Not just food, these are also best accompanied with cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks.  

As said above, the appetizers are of different types, but here I am going to focus mainly on the following two kinds.  

  • Hot Appetizers 
  • Cold Appetizers 

Let’s see the differences and similarities between the both.  

How Are Hot and Cold Appetizers


Well, the similarity between both the appetizers is just the fact that these are meant to make you eat more. This is no doubt quite a common and simple thing to mention but let us not underestimate the power of appetizers. These develop hunger or we can even say these give you the bandwidth to think over the main course you would want to order at your favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. 

How Do Both Differ? 

The literal difference between cold and hot appetizer lies in their temperature. As the name suggests, cold appetizers are served in lower temperatures, while hot appetizers are served in higher temperatures. Hot or cold, these are meant to make you want more, develops hunger followed by the main food – lunch or dinner. 

What Makes Great Appetizers? 

  • Big on flavour and perhaps small on size 
  • Must have appetite-whetting qualities  
  • Light and tasteful 
  • Attractively arranged 
  • Harmonious in color and taste 

Appetizers can earn five stars if they have the above characteristics.  

If you are wondering about the place from where you can get appetizers with such qualities without burning a hole in the pocket, then go nowhere than to Mint and Basil, the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong. You get variety of hot and cold appetizers.  

Hot Appetizers   

The taste of each of these appetizers will give you an enriching experience. Here’s what we have for you in the menu.  

Vegetarian Samosa 素咖喱角 

Vegetarian Samosa

This is an Indian dish cooked with spiced potatoes stuffed in a classic deep-fried pastry. If you want to experience the true Indian flavours then keep aside the forks and knives, for this is better eaten with fingers.  

Onion and Okra Bhaji 香炸洋蔥秋葵絲 

Onion and Okra Bhaji

This is Mint and Basil’s signature dish. This hot appetizer is all about spiced battered onion rings and okra. This will best suit the taste of those who love spicy food. A bit of spice before the main course never hurts. So, when you come to Mint and Basil, add it into the list of must-try dishes.   

Por Pia Thord 越式炸春卷 

Por Pia Thord

Another hot appetizer to enjoy before ordering the main dishes. These are decadent spring rolls cooked with crab meat and chicken deep fried to perfection. Once you have it, you will crave for it every day. Such delicious is this appetizer. Just true to its name!  

This is not the end to hot appetizers, just reach out to the menu, choose from the best and place an order from the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.  

We have got everything to spoil you with great food choices!  

Now let us see what cold appetizers we have in the menu. As the name suggests, these are cold or have less temperature. 

Cold Appetizers 

Por Pia Sod Je (4 Pieces) 越式米紙素卷(四件) 

Por Pia Sod Je

Healthy and yummy to the taste, this cold appetizer tops our menu chart. This dish is all about avocado wrapped in fresh rice paper roll.   

Por Pia Sod Goong (4 pieces) 越式鮮蝦米紙卷(四件)

Por Pia Sod Goong Cold Appetizers 

Another cold appetizer best loved by the customers all for great reasons, its flavours, aroma, and not to forget the price. Made with fresh shrimps, vegetables, and herbs. These are wrapped in fresh rice paper which is served with in-house fish sauce and lime dip.  

Por Pia Sod Phed (4 pieces) 煙鴨胸肉米紙卷(四件) 

Por Pia Sod Phed is Cold Appetizers

4 pieces of this cold appetizer is served. This dish is all about smoked duck breast meat, vegetables and herbs wrapped in fresh rice paper, served with in-house fish sauce and lime dip.  

Trust me, there is no end to the appetizers you can order from the best Thai restaurant in Hong Kong, i.e., Mint and Basil.  

The above-mentioned starters are not the only one. There are number of other varieties too which you can get from the top restaurants in Tung Chung. But if you are looking for warming ambiance, quality, flavourful and healthy food that too in the pocket-friendly budget, then there is no place better than Mint and basil in Tung Chung.  

So, come if you want to satiate your hunger cravings.