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5 Most Popular Thai Rice Dishes to Try in Hong Kong

Thai recipes are nice and light, strongly fragrant, and with a sharp edge. An interplay of textures and colors. Not to mention taste. Apart from that, there are a lot of different Thai rice dishes that you simply have to try. And the beauty? You can get to taste all in any Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.   

Curious about our favorite Thai rice dishes? We are happy to list them for you. Keep in mind, rice dishes are different from Thai rice noodles. Following are the top 5 rice dishes of Thai cuisine that you should try in Hong Kong.   

Nasi Goreng 

Nasi Goreng in hong kong

A simple but tasty dish from Thai cuisine is Nasi Goreng ‘Indonesian staple of fried rice’. It is somewhat comparable to Khao Pad, although the taste is different.   

Thai fried rice usually contains garlic, egg, fish sauce, and spring onion. Sugar, chili, and lime juice balance the flavors: sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. In addition to the fixed ingredients, there are various variants with chicken, prawns and vegetables In Hong Kong, it is available on the street and in restaurants.  

Khaw Phad  

Khaw Phad in hong kong

Khaw Phad in hong kongThai fried rice, prepared with warm lightly fried rice, unlike the Indian Nasi, which is actually fried. The Thai rice has a clear oil film on the rice, it has no sharp taste and it is cooked faster. Khaw Phad is served with a spicy dressing, which you can ask to skip if you don’t like much spicy.  

However, there are of course variations, which should be mentioned in Thai cuisine, such as Khaw Phad Subparod (pineapple), Khaw Phad Kaeng Gai (green curry chicken), and Khaw Phad Poo (crab meat).   

Thai rice with spicy minced meat  

Thai rice with spicy minced meat

Thai rice should also be included in a list of tasty Thai rice dishes. In this dish, the rice is flavored with spicy minced meat, curry paste, and a few tablespoons of fish sauce. Serve with stir-fried vegetables such as spinach (or easily with of wok vegetables) and sprinkle spring onion, strips of pepper, and possibly some coriander over it.  

Khaw Plaow 

Khaw Plaow in hong kong

Basically, the steamed jasmine rice that smells as good as it tastes. Steaming the rice fluffs them up and gives the best taste. The flavor of the dish is subtle and great to combine with any main course. Having a slightly thicker texture and buttery, floral fragrance, this Thai dish can be eaten in any meal of the day. Must be added to your list of Thai rice dishes.     

Khao Man Gai

Khao Man Gai in hong kong

Have you tried Hainanese chicken rice? Khao Man Gai is its Thai version which is famous and liked throughout Southeast Asia. You don’t have to walk a lot in order to find this common Thai rice dish as you can found it in any Thai restaurant in Hong Kong.   

The dish is basically very simple and doesn’t have many spicy elements. However, the sauce is spicy and gives you the taste of the desired chili. It is served with freshly cut cucumber slices apart from the chili sauce.