Mint & Basil Signature Drinks You Must Try

Mint & Basil Signature Drinks You Must Try


A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without trying drinks. From cocktails to mocktails, wines to whiskey, beer to vodka, or some refreshing cool drinks that you will regret if you don’t try them when you are in Hong Kong. Wander through any street, you will find multiple bars and pubs but we would suggest you to try the signature drinks of Mint & Basil restaurant which is located in Tung Chung. Still, don’t know which drink to try and which one tastes the best? Well, we have curated a list of signature drinks of Mint & Basil that will leave you yearning for more.  

Thai Milk Tea 

Thai Milk Tea at mint basil hong kong

Similar as Indians might want it, the milk tea is additionally a big hit with the people of Hong Kong. The Thai-style milk tea is made from black tea and milk. Some people prefer to drink cold tea while others like to sip on it real hot. Buy one as per your choice or weather. Do you know Thai mil Tea is considered to be the top beverage? And you must not miss it as it is a part of the local’s culture.   

Lemon Tea  

Lemon Tea in hong kong

A totally splendid refreshment to taste on during hot sunny days as it is very tasty that you should not miss out. In Hong Kong, most people love to drink Lemon Tea. Basically, it is prepared by pouring black tea into a cup and afterward adding a scramble of sugar (generally organic) such as honey and afterward blending cuts of lemon to this tea. Have it hot, or have it chilled, the choice is all yours. If you are having chilled ice lemon tea with some ice cubes, it will instantly add a dash of freshness to your day.   

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice in hong kong  

Another most famous on the Hong Kong list of drinks is “Pineapple Juice”. This drink contains chunks or slices of pineapple that typically settle at the lower part of the glass and add some sugar or water. After that, the beverage is topped with ice cubes. Your sweet and tangy drink is prepared. You can also try pineapple slush which is another version of this cool beverage.    

Thai Spicy Martini

Thai Spicy Martini drinks   

What could be more interesting than having a drink like Thai Spicy Martini? As the name says everything. Satisfy your craving alcohol in one sip with this vodka-based cocktail infused with vanilla, lime juice, and fresh chili, all finished off with lemongrass that makes this drink more refreshing.   

Best Bangkok  

Best Bangkok cocktails in hong kong

It will be no surprise to many that “best Bangkok drink” has found a spot on this list. Best Bangkok is a well-known mocktail that consists of apple juice, cranberry juice, lime juice, soda and is topped with sweet basil leaves. The combination of all these things makes the matter of jaw-dropping taste. Must try this refreshing mocktail today.   

The Bloody Mary 

The Bloody Mary cocktails 

One of the most famous signature drinks of Mint & Basil is “The Blood Marry” that have won many hearts worldwide. This cocktail is made with tomato juice, vodka, tabasco, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and a celery stick taste that will blow your mind. The drink is a little bit complex but tastes amazing.   


Mojito drink in hong kong

A popular drink that you can get anywhere in the world. However, the Mint & Basil restaurant in Tung Chung has some specialty to make this drink more refreshing that you can have it as many times as you want it. The ingredients are essentially the same such as Fresh Mint Leaves, Brown sugar, fresh lime, and topped with soda. It’s a perfect drink for summer or you can add this drink to any kind of occasion or event.   

Mango Margarita

Mango Margarita 1   

A simple drink with just a few ingredients, easy to make, and definitely one of the classic drinks among cocktails. The Margarita is initially a Mexican short drink that is intended to savor tequila in a flawless way. Mango pulp, lemon juice, tequila, and triple sec which is light and enjoyed with a great cheer in Hong Kong.   

Moscow Mule 

Moscow Mule cocktails  

This mixed cocktail is made up of vodka, lime juice, lemongrass basil syrup, and top up with ginger beer and served in a beautiful mug. The drink is very famous in Hong Kong and you will love its presentation. First, enjoy this drink with your eyes and then taste with your tongue.   

Enjoy a great night out without the promise of a hangover with low alcohol drinks and mocktails which are only available at Mint & Basil. The best part is these cocktails, mocktails, wines, and everything comes at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Head over to Mint & Basil today to enjoy drinks at the lowest prices during its Happy Hours that make everyone happy without burning a hole in your pocket.