Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong: History, Celebrations, Food, And Events | Everything you need to know!

Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong: History, Celebrations, Food, And Events | Everything you need to know!

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, you will find a wonderful combination of fashion and traditional festivals, full of surprises everywhere! The bright night shines with the lanterns. On this festive season, Hong Kong people gather with relatives and friends, enjoy the lanterns, and taste various mooncakes and other desserts. These lively and warm activities add new ideas and vitality to the immortal tradition, and also bring a different authentic Mid-Autumn Festival color 

As the epidemic slows down, it is believed that many people will move on to enjoy the moon and spend time with their near & dears. While going to celebrate the festival, although the traditional fire dragon dance activity was cancelled due to the epidemic, there are still many places in Hong Kong to celebrate the festival. We recommend some great places to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival.   

Note: While still having fun, you must remember to pay attention to the gathering restriction order and take preventive measures.  

Story behind the mid-autumn festival  

It’s said that in ancient times, there appeared ten suns at once that caused harm to people and crops. Houyi, a powerful hero, shot nine suns at that time and ordered the tenth one to benefit people by rising and falling on time. After Houyi shot 9 suns, Queen Mother of the West gave him the eternal medicine, but Houyi was reluctant to take it, so she gave it to Chang’e (Houyi’s wife) for safekeeping.  Story behind the mid autumn festival hong kong

Seen by Peng Meng, he coveted the immortal medicine and asked Chang’e to hand over. But Chang’e swallowed the immortal medicine reluctantly and flew into the sky. That day was August 15th, and the moon was big and bright. Because she did not want to give up Houyi, Chang’e stopped at the moon closest to the earth. When Houyi gets to know about this, he chases the shadow around the moon of his beloved wife and put her favorite fruits on the table to present her.  

Celebration of  Autumn Festival in Hong Kong  

Celebration of autumn festival in Hong Kong

The Mid-Autumn Festival is when the two people and the moon are reunited. Every household has already added mooncakes, fruits, desserts and lanterns to prepare a family reunion, enjoy the moon and celebrate the Moon Festival.  

Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong is indispensable for playing lanterns and fire dragon dances. As in Hong Kong, many people like to watch the moon and play lanterns. The custom of carrying lanterns actually originated from Vietnamese tradition. However, due to Vietnam’s proximity to Guangdong and frequent cultural exchanges between the two places, the custom of playing lanterns was introduced to Guangdong cities.  

In addition, the mid-autumn festival in Hong Kong is none other than the “fire dragon dance”. Fire dragon dancing is a traditional custom which can be seen in two places in Hong Kong. One is Tai Hang on Hong Kong Island, and the other is Pokfulam Village. 


In addition to eating moon cakes and admiring the moon, meeting friends and relatives with barbecue is an indispensable activity. So how do Hong Kong people spend the Mid-Autumn Festival?   

Traditional Activities  

  • Fire Dragon Dance and Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival canceled 

Fire Dragon Dance and Mid Autumn Festival hong kong

The fire dragon dance is a unique Mid-Autumn festival tradition in Hong Kong. In the annual fire dragon festival in Tai Hang, the fire dragon was going to held at the Lotus Palace in Tai Hang. Finishing the consecration, and “plug the incense to raise the dragon”, and then would have followed the traditional parade, but this year it was cancelled due to the epidemic. Everyone has to wait for the next year to see the fire dragon first! As for the large-scale lantern show held by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in various districts during the Mid-Autumn Festival, this year they have been cancelled due to the pandemic.   

Places for Mid-Autumn Festival 2020  

  • Tai O water pot lantern

Tai O water pot lantern on Mid Autumn Festival Hong Kong

In the past Mid-Autumn Festival, people went to Tai O to see the “Tai O Water Town Lantern Festival”. Thousands of hand-painted lanterns were hung in the streets and alleys. Each lantern is unique and are drawn by hand. Last year’s lighting period lasted for almost a month. No details have been announced for this year yet. So, make sure to confirm the details before going there.  

  •  Jao Tsung-i Culture (to be announced)  

Jao Tsung-I Cultural Center has had special Mid-Autumn Festival programs in recent years. No details have been announced this year. But we will update you soon! Last year, “Chaopu Rao Museum” and “LIFE MART” jointly held the Mid-Autumn Festival Market Carnival. It also coincides with the annual opening day of the Jao Tsung-I Cultural Center. In addition to giant moon rabbits and moon installations, the organizers also invited more Hong Kong and Taiwan craftsman unit participated in activities, including hand-made markets, hand-made food and crafts, and parent-child workshops.  


  • D2 Place Autumn Cultural Festival-Autumn Cultural Festival Market and rooftop moon viewingD2 Place Autumn Cultural Festival Autumn Cultural Festival Market and rooftop moon viewing

The Japanese-style autumn cultural festival will return to D2 Place this Mid-Autumn Festival. D2 Place’s “Autumn Cultural Festival 2020” for nine consecutive days uses “lanterns” as the theme of the festival. Japanese lantern festivals are the most addictive. This year there is a large lantern wall and a luminous torii gate. The market can take your time! For the first time this year, the shopping mall will extend the cultural festival to the second-stage rooftop garden and set up a new giant moon and water lantern wishing pool. You can write your wishes on the water lantern and put it in the pool to float with the water. There is also a bathrobe rental service provided on-site.  

What can you do more this year on the Mid-Autumn Festival?

What can you do more this year on the Mid Autumn Festival Hong Kong

As of the Covid-19 situations, a lot of events has been cancelled this year. It is advised to stay away from the heavily crowded place. So, what is the best way to celebrate? The answer is- having an ultimate meal with your family and friends. Spend time with your loved ones at your nearest restaurant and enjoy the vibes of the festival. This year, Mint & Basil is offering huge discounts on their lunch meals and desserts on moon festival special menu. So, enjoy the admiring view of the bright moon from our restaurant and experience the delicious meals with our festive special deals.