Love for Food is the Sincerest | Mint & Basil

Love for Food is the Sincerest

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw 

Love comes in different forms. It can be between parents and children, couples, a human and even a pet. But did you know there is a special love bond that all of us share with food? Ask a foodie and you will know how lovely a bond of food can be with a human.  

Love for food is one such love bond that is the sincerest of all. We are not telling you to give up on all other relationships but for once consider love for food a long-term and everlasting one. We bet you will never be dissatisfied.   

This valentine, visit Mint and Basil, a Pan-Asian restaurant in Hong Kong. The restaurant with the most amazing views is not just open to humans but also to your four-legged buddies. Yes, this is a pet-friendly restaurant. So, allow your pet to accompany you on Valentines’.  

Share your love for food either with friends, your beloved or your pet, you will always feel happy for coming together over the most delicious Pan Asian food.  

What’s special about the food at Mint and Basil? Well, it is the variety that it offers in its palate. Since it is a Pan-Asian restaurant, it is also known for its Vietnamese cuisines, hence called the best Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong.  

What makes food so special at Vietnamese restaurant?  

  • Food pleases us – Who can say the same thing about his or her wife or husband? (Pun intended) We are hungry number of times in a day. Good old food is always there to satisfy our needs and also the food does not get any headache.  
  • Food sustains us – Aren’t we grateful for such substance that nurtures and sustains us? We are! Right? Also, it tastes good and it can be a lot of fun too when combined with the free flow at Mint and Basil, Vietnamese restaurant in Tung Chung.  
  • Food brings people together- Not only does food sustain life but it also helps in bringing couples, family, and friends together. How many dates take place over a yummy, tummy-full meal? Also, people love watching their favorite matches while munching delicious snacks. If you are planning to visit Mint and Basil, come for anything that you love on the Pan-Asian menu. We are sure you will be spoilt by the choices. Explore the menu for the best options.
  • Food comes in varieties. Your spouse will be your spouse, your kids will be your kids, your parents will be your parents, and, unless you have a very strict diet, food can always be something else. For instance, it can be anything from Thai, Indian, Vietnamese or even Malaysian.  
  • Food unites- When you come together with your family, friends and colleagues for dinner, lunch or even breakfast, it creates unity. People love, laugh, click photographs, relax, have a healthy chit chat, discussions and even conduct short meets. Such is the power of food. It brings people together and builds a stronger bond.  

After all the above points, how can one say that love for food is not serious?

Love for food is something that can never have an end. So, if you want to experience the real taste of love, come over to Mint and Basil, the best Vietnamese restaurant in Tung Chung, Hong Kong.