Is Thai Food Spicy? Why and Which Thai Food Should You Eat?

Is Thai Food Spicy? Why and Which Thai Food Should You Eat?

Due to the ultimate blend of flavors, Thai food is famous worldwide. When people hear about the outstanding taste and benefits of eating Thai food, no one can resist trying Thai dishes at least once. But there is one question that every newcomer wants to ask, and that is –

‘Is Thai Food Spicy?’

A lot of people around the World are Thai food lovers, and so those who have never tried wants to taste it. Many Hong Kong ex-pats usually ask this same question. So today, we decided to write a blog on the spiciness of Thai food – for those who want to try it will get a clear sight if the flavors of Thai food are suitable for them or not.

To start with, let me tell you the short answer to this question, i.e., ‘it depends upon YOUR TASTE.’ But how? Keep going to get through it!

Let’s Spice up the things!

Everyone can eat spicy food differently. Some like to eat fully spicy while others are fond of a little or no spice.

So, like any other food in the world, Thai cuisines are also available with spice customizations. You can eat the dishes with the spice of your choice.

If you can’t eat spicy, or you can only eat a little spicy, it’s best to tell the waiter in advance while ordering so they could suggest some dishes according to your taste.

Many customers asked if they could bring children with them because Thai food is spicy, and what should they do if children don’t eat spicy food? This is important to explain that you can have a great time even if you don’t eat spicy food! Many Thai dishes are not spicy, such as glutinous rice with grilled pork skewers, satay, rice noodle soup, etc., and there are a lot of sweet dishes.

Next, there’s a stereotype of the pungent smell of Thai food. These kinds of stereotypes really make people lose sight of the truth. Now, the fact is Thai dishes have a lot of health benefits along with great taste. There are some Thai dishes that include ingredients that have medicinal properties; thus, they smell strong.

But the point is, these strong-smelling food in Thailand only accounts for a small part of Thai cuisine. Only a few dishes are smelly such as Som Tam Pla-Ra. One thing to notice here is that even these dishes are very delicious. People who have been to Mint & Basil know that the aroma of most Thai dishes makes people drool when they smell it!

What Thai Dishes Are Not Spicy?

If you don’t like heat, here are some Thai dishes you must try!

Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken Wings

Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken Wings

These are crispy and crunchy chicken wings with the sweet honey flavor that is actually more of a glaze. Try the grilled chicken wings, and you will find them finger-licking’ good. If you are fond of chicken, then this one is a must-try Thai dish for you.

Thai Style Pomelo Salad

thai style Pomelo salad

Popularly known as Yum Som O, Pomelo salad cooked in Thai style with an assortment of greens is a great not-so-spicy dish. Basically, this salad has all the flavors of Thai cuisines such as sour, spice, savory and sweet. Do not miss this out!

Assorted Satay Skewers with Chicken

Assorted Satay Skewers with Chicken

A popular Thai dish which is usually served with peanut sauce! You will be astonished after tasting these crispy satay skewers. The mix of chicken comes up as icing on the cake and offers you a taste that you will remember for the lifetime.

Tiger Prawns with Sweet & Sour Sauce 

Tiger Prawns with Sweet Sour Sauce 

Juicy and tender tiger prawns is another great dish to be enjoyed in your ‘not-spicy’ meal. This toothsome cuisine tastes amazing with sweet and sour sauce. Just have a look at the picture! Isn’t this mouth-watering?  

Phuket Style Fish & Pumpkin Yellow Curry

Phuket Style Fish Pumpkin Yellow Curry  

Crispy marinated fish served with luscious pumpkin curry is one more to add in your list!   

Phuket style fish with pumpkin yellow curry at Mint & Basil tastes equally awesome as it looks awesome. The dish tastes salty and savory, but if you want to try it spicy, then you have the option to ask for extra spice as well.  

Thai Style Char-Grilled Squid  

Thai Style Char Grilled Squid

Thai dishes are loved for the grilled seafood, and one such cuisine is Char-grilled squid. This one could also be enjoyed with or without spice. To have its spicy taste, try it with the garlicky chili and lime sauce served along with the dish. For kids, they can have it without spicy sauce. 

Fried Rice with Pineapple & Seafood  

Fried Rice with Pineapple Seafood

This one is a perfect combination of saltness and sweetness. Seafood gives amazing crunchy salty taste, whereas pineapple serves to be sweet in it.   

While these were the dishes you can enjoy in lunch and dinner meals, you should also try Thai desserts to complete your Thai culinary experience 

Extinguish the spice flames  

In case you accidentally order something spicy, do not rush to drink water. The perfect way to extinguish the fire is to try ‘Thai Sticky Rice Balls’. In desserts, this one is our personal favorite. To try out more desserts and cuisines, check out our menu – Tung Chung & Sai Wan Ho 

Hope you have now got the answer for ‘Is Thai food spicy?’ Head on to Mint & Basil, and try out the variety of authentic Thai food!