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How to celebrate Hong Kong New Years’ Eve in the best way?

Hong Kong New Year’s Eve is as thrilling and exciting as it soundsThe city is best known for its party vibes, especially the celebration of New Year’s Eve 

Hong Kong will give you memorable experiences if you are planning to spend the new year hereWhether you are keen to have a luscious feast or want to witness bird’s-eye view of Victoria Harbour, there are an array of options available that you should not miss.  

How to celebrate Hong Kong New Years’ Eve in the best way

Plan ahead for the coming year with our best picks to eat and party in the countdown to 2021. 

Here’s how to celebrate Hong Kong New Year’s Eve in the best way 

Where to celebrate New Years’ Eve Hong Kong? 

Victoria HarbourIt’s probably the best attraction spot for people around Hong Kong. Being a place offering a great view, Victoria Harbour is popular for its fireworkevent on the New Year’s Eve. However, the fireworks had been cancelled last year due to the safety concerns. It is anticipated that this New Year’s fireworks event will also be cancelled considering safety from pandemic crisis COVID-19.  

Where to celebrate New Years’ Eve Hong Kong

But don’t worry, there were some other new year countdown events that took place last year. The fireworks were replaced by laser show in 2020 New Year Eve. The information for 2021’s shows hasn’t been shared yet. We will update the information about the event in Victoria Harbor as soon as it is released.  

The laser show is best viewed from Harbour tours, waterfront restaurants and along the Harbourfront. The main advantage of celebrating 31st Dec here is that you can watch the beautiful symphony of lights at the New Year countdown without even paying a penny.  

Times SquareAre you a party animal and wants to have fuat a New Year special party? Then, Time Square is an ideal spot for you. It’s one of the focal places where people gather on 31st night to watch the clock waiting for New Year countdown just like in New YorkThe event offers live entertainment and music. Just like in New York, New Year’s Ball Drop in Hong Kong’s Times Square is a must watch. Thousands of people gather to enjoy the lightening and rising of the ball. 

New Year Countdown at The AIA Great European Carnival:

New year is best celebrated with family when you get the chance for playing games and going on rides. The AIA Great European Carnival is held every year that starts from Christmas and goes on till Chinese New Year.  

New Year Countdown at The AIA Great European Carnival

Feel the great combination of the festival, fun activities and amusement park this year in the carnival. The carnival is organized at Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong. Moreover, events such as “Big Top” are held which includes the live performances like Billboard Radio Live Stage and the Great Circus of Europe. 

Observation Wheel Ride 

Observation Wheel Ride

While being at AIA in Central Harbourfront, don’t let yourself lost in the massive crowd. Observation Wheel Ride gives you the chance to enjoy the fascinating views from a height. Hop on to the ride and witness the ultimate view oHarbour City in Hong Kong New Year’s Eve.  

Sky100 observation deck 

Sky100 observation deck for new year

Iyou are going to watch the amazing views of Victoria Harbour, then why not from Sky100? It’s indeed a great option because it’s the highest place to view the fantastic sights of Hong Kong islands. Packages for Sky100 booking gets released a week before the eve, and you’ll need to get advanced tickets (usually they are available from 22th December till 28th  December). 

Shopping Malls 

Probably the most crowed places of holiday season! All over Asia, shopping malls plan events starting from Christmas till the New Year. Locals flock towards malls for attending local events.  

Shopping Malls in hong kong

The colourful decorations, fun activities, and discount offers are the source of fascination among people. Apart from Time Square, the other malls for having fun on Hong Kong New Year’s Eve are The Landmark, Harbour City, IFC Mall, SOGO Hong Kong, and Festival Walk etc. 

Live Concerts in Tsim Sha Tsui: Here’s another spot to have a good time on New Year’s Eve. Tsim Sha Tsui is an area where you can witnesthe New Year countdown while enjoying live concerts. It’s a perfect spot to adore the countdown parties.  

Lan Kwai Fong 

It’s perhaps the best spot to enjoy street style New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong. Go fothe overpriced yet best Kebab or cheap alcohol at 7 Eleven. Next, wander around the streets of LKF and find the people dancing, having fun madness.  

new years celebrate at Lan Kwai Fong hong kong

Go to clubs in Wyndham Street if you are interested in night party having drinks and music around. Trust me, Lan Kwai Fong has the best night clubs to experience a memorable Hong Kong New Year’s Eve.  

New Years’ Eve – Hong Kong Dining Experience 

Dining in Hong Kong itself is a great experience to have. Locals as well as tourists look for fine dining restaurant near Victoria Harbour so they could enjoy the New Year countdown. 

Well, for a fantastic venue to celebrate New Year and have the best feast, look no further than Mint and Basil in Sai Wan Ho. The restaurant offers a beautiful view of Victoria Harbour 

New Years’ Eve Hong Kong Dining Experience

If you are into a party with music, sips of cocktails, and a three-course feast, then it is the perfect place for you. Starts your New Year’s Eve with champagne and drinks. For your late-night meals, choose the cuisines from our customized New Year’s special menu 

The music in the background adds to the charm of place. Guests in the restaurant gather and start the countdown few minutes before midnight. At 12 AM, everyone shouts, sings, and dances. Outside, the Harbour gets filled with glorious illuminations with a backdrop of laser show and Hong Kong fireworks. 

Bonus Tips 

  • Wherever you have decided to go, just make sure you have advanced tickets for everything. The most attractive tourist spots remain mobbed on New Year’s Eve Hong Kong.  
  • You will see several photographers at Victoria Harbour with their tripods. In case you want to get a picture, ensure reaching there in the evening. 
  • Most of the restaurants, especially the ones with a view of the Harbour, gets booked in advance. So, if you are planning to have a dine at a waterfront restaurant, get your table booked in advance. 

We will be announcing huge special offers for this New Year, till then stay tuned!