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Hong Kong Dining: Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

It is not surprising that Hong Kong is a place where you can try anything of your choice. The hub of foodies offers a long list of international cuisines. Think of some food, and you’ll get multiple options where you can have that.   

There is an array of restaurants in Kong Hong where you can try an amazing variety of food. We’ll get you through some of the best restaurants in terms of food variety, quality, and budget.   

Mint & Basil 

best Dining Restaurants in Hong Kong

Located in Tung Chung, Mint & Basil is famous for its variety in Asian cuisines. They serve from Thai to Vietnamese and brilliant Indian food in Hong Kong. You want to have a sophisticated dinner experience, then book a table inside, or if you have to chill out while watching sports or enjoying music, get your table reserved in the alfresco beer garden. Reason being on top? The best one of all!  

Din Tai Fung  

Din Tai Fung in Tsim Sha Tsui is a fantastic place to enjoy quality dim sum. Entirely handcrafted in front of your eyes, they are amazing, and there is something for everyone. Ravioli with pork or chicken, shrimp or crab… they are served by 6 in bamboo baskets!  

Tim ho wan 

Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant

A starred restaurant for a few dollars, you dreamed of it? Hong Kong did. Step inside and admire the dim sum carts! Here, no tablecloths and personalized services but a large room lit with neon lights! On the menu? The best-glazed pork buns of my life and a fantastic memory!  

Heartbreaker Sweet and Sour Noodles

Foods so spicy, they’ll break your heart. That is the name of this local restaurant in Hong Kong. There you will taste specialties from the Sichuan region. From “Baby” to “Strong”, choose your level of spices and let yourself be transported on a journey to the heart of China from which you will come back inspired!  

Temple Street Night Market 

Temple Street Night Market  

The Temple Street Night Market is a wonderful place to eat local in Hong Kong! In a festive and almost theatrical atmosphere, you will discover a wide choice of local specialties: egg tart, noodles in soup or sautéed, ravioli, rice porridge, or even the essential dim sum!  

Tsui Wah  

Many anecdotes exist around this essential: Tsui Wah. The best known? The one to bring her date to dinner to judge her beauty, thanks to the neon lights! At Tsui Wah, you will find very affordable traditional food (noodles, chicken feet, tofu…) The perfect address to discover the local culture!  

Lin Heung Kui Restaurant 

Once you are seated at the table, you can see dim sum carts scrolling by, a staff person is pushing the carts, and you don’t have to choose what you want. Delicious, hot, and above all, fresh food is served on your table. Note that to taste the dim sum, the service is open from 6 am to 4 pm, outside of these hours you have to eat something else.   

Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant 

Dragon State Kitchen Restaurant

The Dragon State Kitchen is a traditional rotisserie restaurant that makes grilled meats: Caramelized pork, pork belly, roasted duck, and other marinated meats etc. These specialties are known as “siu mei”. They can be ordered to take away or eaten in the restaurant.  

Goose King’s Roasted Kitchen  

Like the Dragon State Kitchen restaurant on HK island, Goose King’s Roasted Kitchen is a rotisserie that serves oven-marinated or barbecue-grilled meats. The meats are amazing to try. You can opt for a menu that includes the main course, including meat with rice and drink.  

Go ahead and try the food of your choice in these best restaurants in Hong Kong. Happy eating!