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Discounts on 1000s of Hong Kong Restaurants: 30% OFF to Stimulate The Economy

Discounts on Hong Kong restaurants are going to begin on 15th July. 

In order to bring back motion in the economy and revitalize it, the discount offer on restaurants has been introduced. The government took the step in the hope that those who would be receiving the handout of HK$10,000 would use it in local places and will support the businesses.   

The citywide campaign is going to start from next month, where thousands of best restaurants in Hong Kong will provide a 30% discount on their dinner menus.  

Discounts on 1000 of Hong Kong Restaurant 30 off to stimulate the economy

In a press conference, Paul Chan, Financial Secretary, said that with this step, he hopes to keep the food industry running, people to remain on their jobs and revive the local consumption. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that people will happily spend locally to boost the economy. He stated that offers from the travel and retail sector would also be announced in the coming days. 

The plan is implemented parallel to the scheme of HK$10,000 government handout. So, the people who’d get the cash, could use it in those restaurants who take the initiative in slashing the prices on their dinner menus. 

Tommy Cheung Yu-Yan said that there would be 30 percent discount from mid-July that falls to 20 percent in August on the entire bill in restaurants. The list for the names of these Hong Kong restaurants will be revealed on 8th July, so you’d need to stay in touch till the names are out. 

According to Cheung, lunch hours are already busy, so there is no point of applying discounts in the daytime. The offer will be applied on the dinner menu, usually after 6 PM, so that the restaurants can retain the customers for longer hours. 

The restaurants were encouraged to come up with their own offers. Around 7 million people would receive the handout till 8th July to relieve the financial stress on residents. The eligible people could spend the money on these kinds of offers in Hong Kong restaurants, shopping malls, and retailer shops 

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