Craving Butter Chicken Explore These 10 Restaurants in HK

Craving Butter Chicken? Explore These 10 Restaurants in Hong Kong

Being a central trade point and also one of the busiest ports, Hong Kong is not just home to skyrocketing buildings and natural scenery, but it also shares a long heritage of trade and commerce with the Indian sub-continent, now extended into a globalized market that we know today. 

In fact, people from different parts of the world are now residents of Hong Kong. There are a large number of Indians who are not just residing in Hong Kong but also visit the place year after year. So, the presence of Indian tourists has also led to increase in demand for Indian cuisines in Hong Kong.  

There are a lot of Indian food items that have now find a place in the hearts of people around the globe. One such item is Butter Chicken. It is much loved by North Indians especially Punjabis.  

In this blog, we will take you through the top restaurants that serve the best Butter Chicken in Hong Kong.  

Let us take a walk through the streets of Hong Kong and see what hidden treats you can savor.  

Manakamana Nepali Restaurant 


About the restaurant: Known for their distinct Northern cuisine with strong Himalayan influences, Manakamana is renowned for its authentic Nepali and North Indian mouth-watering delicacies. Whether it is a hot garlic naan and one of the best butter chicken gravy in the town or an authentic Nepali thali, just look no further.  

Manakamana‘s Butter Chicken: Simple, straightforward, and authentic is how you can describe their butter chicken. It is served with in-house garlic or cheese naan. The presentation itself will melt your heart. For taste, you will have to come and experience.  


Dimpal Fusion Restaurant and Bar 

Dimpal Fusion Restaurant and Bar

About the restaurant: It is known for serving a wide variety of food. Whether you want Indian delicacies, pizzas or ribs, they have it all. Come over to this place and enjoy your favourite food with a chilled beer. The place is cozy yet offers a street style experience with prompt service and finger-licking food.  

Dimpal ‘s Butter Chicken: Boneless chicken pieces are marinated overnight in a creamy and spicy tandoori marinade grilling it to perfection. The sauce is a rich concoction of butter, cream, nut paste and tomatoes, therefore, turning it into a medley of flavours.   


Namaste Kitchen 

Namaste Kitchen hong kong

About the restaurant: This is another Indo-Nepalese restaurant that specialize in traditional Indian frontier cuisines by using modern cooking techniques. The best part of the restaurant is that they serve fresh food prepared using slow techniques with authentic blends. The restaurants also offer outdoor catering services for bespoke private events. 

Namaste Kitchen’s Butter Chicken: It is named the Chicken Makhani. The tender chunks of chicken are cooked to perfection with generous servings of butter. These are grilled over charcoal to give it a smokey touch and is topped with a silky tomato-based sauce using a creamy mild and savory flavor note. 


Bombay Dreams 

Bombay Dreams hong kong

About the restaurant: One of the most upscale locations on our list is Bombay Dreams. This place has consistently been mentioned in the Michelin guide from 2012. The place is located in the heart of Hong Kong and offers a range of delicacies of different Indian regions.  

The restaurant has a diverse menu that serves brunch specials, cocktails, buffets and of course the Indian dish that we are talking about – the very loved and demanded butter chicken.  

If we talk about interiors, those are plush and luxurious paired with stunning and prompt service. 

Bombay Dreams’ Butter Chicken: If you are craving authentic butter chicken, then this place gives an ode to the region of Punjab but also gives a yummy twist to it. The restaurant serves traditional butter chicken with an added twist of fresh spinach.   

Traditional Makhani gravy that is ladened with butter, cream, fenugreek seeds and topped with a savoury spinach mix is served hot.  


Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine 

Curry Leaf Indian Cuisine hong kong

About the restaurant: By offering a wide selection of traditional Indian delicacies to choose form, this restaurant will take you to the streets of New Delhi.  

The restaurant is known for its biriyanis, a selection of Indian breads. Once you have these, you will want them again. Yes, do not forget to savour their traditional Indian sweets and lassi.  

Curry Leaf’s Butter Chicken: The boneless tenders are marinated for 24 hours and then cooked over hot embers in a clay oven before it is tossed in a creamy and succulent tomato and cream base which is topped with copious amounts of butter.  


Central Indian Restaurant 

Central Indian Restaurant hong kong

About the restaurant: Quick, efficient and authentic are the words that describe this wonderful establishment. This place can host about 30 people at a time. Mostly, the place is filled and you might have to wait for your turn to relish the most amazing cuisines.  

Central Indian Restaurant’s Butter Chicken: Traditional butter chicken is smokey and savory. It has a hint of sweetness and piquant flavor of the fenugreek in it.   


Masala Hut & Cafe 

Masala Hut Cafe

About the restaurant: Modern, minimalist and comfortable at the same time. This place is known for offering modern Indian bistro experience with contemporary and traditional star dishes. Explore their menu and you will get to know the variety they offer. If you are looking for a place that is perfect for a business lunch, team outing or just a casual weekend dinner with the family, then this is the place you must visit.    

Masala Hut’s Butter Chicken: Named as the Punjabi Kukkad (Rooster) Makhanwala, it is a traditional take on the classic with tandoori roasted chicken prepared in a reamy and silky tomato-based gravy topped with butter.  


Chilli Lime 

Chilli Lime hong kong

About the restaurant: Pan-Asian cuisine is the ultimate highlight of this restaurant. You will find the delicacies from across the continent like from Singapore, China, Malaysia, and India. 

Chilli Lime’s Butter Chicken: Traditional North Indian butter chicken is cooked in clay oven with a tart piquant note of smokiness.  


Mint and Basil, Tung Chung  

mint basil restaurant for chicken in  hong kong

About the restaurant: A pet-friendly, Pan-Asian restaurant that serves multiple cuisines under one roof. Whether you want Indian, Malaysian, Thai or Vietnamese, the restaurant has got all your food cravings covered. If you specifically talk about Butter Chicken, it is an iconic dish cooked in a smoky, rich, and buttery tomato curry. Delicious to the core, Mint and Basil’s butter chicken will make you fall in love with the Indian food, especially, if you will be trying this for the first time. Quite fulfilling, the butter chicken will satiate your cravings, and the taste will call you again to have it over again. If you cannot come to the restaurant, you can even try it at your comfort place and enjoy the dish with Indian bread. Of course, you can also marry it with a chilled beer or any other drinks that you want. Explore our menu and the offers for beer and drinks.