The Best Hong Kong Restaurants with a View of Waterfront

Best restaurants in Hong Kong with a waterfront view

From a stunning townscape to comprehensive seaside, a fabulous backdrop can take a meal from good to superb. 

Hong Kong is best known for its marvelous islands. That beautiful view of water waves coming to you and then moving away feels like heaven. The experience we undergo while exploring these oceans and beachside is unbeatable. 

Gone are the times when you had to spend the whole day finding a peaceful culinary place to spend some quality time. Finding the best restaurants in Hong Kong with a waterfront view is what we have made easy for you. 

Waterfront restaurants are of different types, some have a little farther marine view while others are located just at the beachside. They let you feel the waves of oceans while having the meal. 

To find Hong Kong restaurants with a view, you must read this article! Relish the calmness of settling waterfront and be sure to have your next feast with a view. 

The Boathouse 

As the name suggests, the structure of the restaurant resembles a boat cabin. Due to the iconic design built in 1951The Boathouse is a famous Hong Kong restaurant with a view of Stanley Bay. The a-la-carte menu, alfresco area, waterfront view, and the ambiance is a ‘must have’ experience there. The restaurant has a rooftop table giving an amazing vieof the bay. 

The boathouse one famous place restaurant sea view

The menu includes options for seafood, pasta, salads, appetizers and dishes. Pork belly tacos, African Chicken, and Chilled Seafood Platter are some of the popular choices from its menu. Moreover, there’s an array of options in cocktails, wines, and beers.  

The place is usually crowded on weekends, so if you want to spend some peaceful time, then visit this restaurant on weekdays. 

Mint and Basil 

A perfect hang out place with a lovely outside view! Mint and Basil, in Sai Wan Ho, ian affordable option amongst othersReserve your seat in the front row to witness the beautiful view of Victoria harbor. The place is bit touristy due to its perfect location and reasonable cost.  

mint and basil one of best restaurant for view of waterfront
mint and basil one of best restaurant for view of waterfront

Along with being the best restaurant in Hong Kong offering Thai and Vietnamese food, this is one of the top Victoria Harbor restaurants as well.  Try the impressive Pla Meuk Yang (grilled squid) or Por Pia Sod Phed (fresh rice paper wrapped with smoked duck meat) from appetizersMultiple stands out options in desserts and cocktails are also available.  


The place, located in ifc mall, is popular for offering delicious Italian cuisines while enjoying Hong Kong view of harbor. Isola’s solid white color décor makes the atmosphere clear and calm. Not only the view from restaurant, but view of restaurant itself is very stylish. It has an outdoor terrace and is built over 7,000 square feet of space. 

view of waterfront restaurant in hong kong

The specialty of this restaurant is that they have award-winning cooking team who presents Italian cuisines with some unique blend of flavors. They offer a comprehensive range of more than 200 kinds of winesIf you are visiting there, then salt-crusted sea bass and grilled sirloin with anchovy sauce are the must-tries. 


Situated just in front of the Repulse Bay Beach, Amalfitana is a pizzeria where the fun of enjoying at beach and eating meets. It is a great place to enjoy your weekend evening having an incredible ocean view. 

Amalfitana one of famous view of waterfront restaurant

Do try the signature Amalfitana pizza or perhaps the other classic options. Moreover, there’s an extensive selection of cocktails available. Sit in the bar area, having high stools and open setting to enjoy the warm sun rays and view the chefs preparing pizza for you. You’d spot Amalfi Coast’s mural that add to the beauty of colorful ambiance. 

Jumbo Floating Restaurant 

One of the best Hong Kong restaurants with a view of water waves all around! This restaurant is made like floating boat architect having imperial Chinese structure. The front of restaurant is decorated with pagodas and dragons.  

best view of waterfront from jambo restaurant hong kong

It is the largest place offering best brunch Hong Kong. Head on to this restaurant on Sunday if you want to enjoy luscious dim sum in your breakfastThe area of this restaurant is so big that around 2000 people can collectively have their dinner. Not only for having a fine dinner or lunch meal, but the restaurant is a great spot for amusement too. 


With an alfresco siting space, Cococabana is a restaurant where tourists are drawn due to its prime location near Shek O beach. The restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes, seafood, and a range of rose wines while enjoying Hong Kong view of beachside. 

Cococabana O beach waterfront view

Get your seat at terrace outside and wear your sunglasses to enjoy the sun rays at the beach side.   

Rech By Alain Ducasse 

Have your favorite dish on table, drink in hand, and enjoy the beautiful view from this Victoria harbour restaurant 

It is one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, which is led by France’s great chef, Alain Ducasse, who does not need any introductionIf you want to taste the best seafood, then you must visit this place. Other best served cuisines include seasonal fish, oysters, and sole meunière that raise your cravings.  

Rech By Alain Ducasse restaurant with view waterfront hong kong

The harbor view from the sitting area adds up to the beauty of the surroundings. From the huge variety of scrumptious set menu or à la carte cuisines, you can’t resist yourself trying more and more dishes until are full to the neck.  

D Deck 

Offering 180-degree sight of Discovery Bay, this is one of great Hong Kong restaurants with a viewD Deck offers an incredible relaxing dine experience on Lantau Island. There is a cluster of restaurants in an open alfresco setting that looks peaceful in day and brightening at night 

best waterfront view restaurant in Lantau Island hong kong

There, you will have multiple options from international cuisines including Italian, Thai, Spanish, and Korean dishes. What’s more? You can even enjoy a free ferry ride from the island to Central when spending more than HK$120 at one of its restaurants.