Best of Non Alcoholic Drinks To Try at Mint & Basil

Best of Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Try at Mint & Basil

Fancy a unique and refreshing drink, but not alcohol? Then mocktails are the thing for you: just as fancy as cocktails, but without the hangover. The best time to drink and enjoy mocktails is secretly in the summer. If you’re talking about the right time to enjoy non-alcoholics, it actually always is. Therefore, also on special occasions, e.g., family and friends’ picnics, family dinners, drinks, birthday parties, movie nights and many other social gatherings.  

Juices & teas are also refreshing options when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks. With nice weather, drinking a cool, sweet, natural drink can be really refreshing and delicious.  

Do you opt for alcohol-free, but would you like a favored and colorful summer drink? Then try our special non-alcoholic drinks!  

1. Yellow Sky  

Yellow Sky drinks

This delicious summer mocktail will ensure that the sun will shine right away! Because there are citrus fruits and refreshing pineapple in the mocktail. This non-alcoholic drink is not only rich in taste but also contains a lot of vitamins!  

2. Virgin Mojito  

Virgin Mojito drinks

The alcohol-free variant of the Mojito! It contains the same ingredients as a ‘normal’ Mojito, except for the alcoholic products, of course. Fresh lime, mint leaves, and brown sugar are the part of essential ingredients that make this drink a must-try in non-alcoholic drinks.   

3. Thirsty Pomegranate  

Thirsty Pomegranate drinks

The name says it all; this will fulfil your “thirst” of a refreshing summer drink with its pomegranate flavor. Along with pomegranate juice, the mocktail also contains lime juice, pineapple, and orange juice for an ultimate taste. This non-frizzy drink will bring a big smile to your face with its simple and supreme taste.  

4. Shirley Temple  

Shirley Temple 1

The classic Shirley Temple! Again, an alcohol-free variant that originally does contain alcohol, but certainly no less tasty! The name comes from the name of an actress who used to create this ravishing drink. It is a simple one and consists of grenadine syrup and lime juice. Shirley temple is best served in full glass with ice.   

5. Lassi   


Lassi is an authentic Indian drink made with yogurt. The flavors include sweet, salty, and mango. Rich, buttery, and topped with clotted cream, lassi is a drink that is hard to resist. No matter your age, this one is made for everyone from little kids to old-aged. Not only is this tasty, but also good for health. Lassi helps to improve digestion, avoid bloating and is rich in calcium and minerals. Taste with health!  

6. Indian Masala Tea  

Indian Masala Tea

Another one from India…an aromatic drink which is served hot but gives you freshness even in summers. Masala tea is not more than a flavored tea that consists of herbs, spices, and of course, tea leaves. When feeling dozy, this drink works as a real energizer.   

7. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon Smoothie drinks 

Sweet, chilled, and refreshing, this is another of the best non-alcoholic drinks. A slice of watermelon is actually a treat in itself, and obviously, the smoothie of watermelon is to be loved. Great for hot days, or if you really want to get in the mood for summer.   

8. Fruit Juices  

Fruit Juices

We all like juices – apple, orange, ginger ale, cranberry, or pineapple juice, drink the one or all that you like. Juices give a holiday feeling. There’s nothing healthier than fresh and seasonal fruit juices that will increase your intake of minerals and vitamins.   

9. Hot Chocolate 

Hot Chocolate drinks

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? A drink that kids, young, old, everyone likes to enjoy no matter the season. Here hot doesn’t mean you will don’t like the drink on warm days; in fact, hot chocolate makes you feel comfy and satisfied regardless of the weather. Chocolatey, creamy, and full of yumminess, hot chocolate is not to be missed. Just try it yourself!  

10. Vanilla Shake  

Vanilla Shake drinks

Shakes are irreplaceable! Whenever you feel like having a cool drink for a treat, or you are thinking of an evening feast, shakes will fulfil your motive. Vanilla is one of the most liked flavours in shakes that no one wants to miss. In case you are not a vanilla fan, then ask for the options in mango, banana, chocolate, or coconut shakes as per your taste.   

Now, when you know the best non-alcoholic drinks that you can try in Hong Kong, hit us to enjoy the most delicious drinks without alcohol. Don’t forget to comment about the one you liked the most!