Best Food in Hong Kong: 9 Must-Have Foodie Experiences

Best Food in Hong Kong: 9 Must-Have Foodie Experiences

What does a foodie want? New dishes and amazing blend of flavors every day, of course! Foodies are always willing to try new and unique cuisines. For them, terrific presentation works just like a cherry on the cake. It feels like a treat to the eyes and to the tongue that adds up to their temptations 

Are you ready for your next food treasure hunt for the best food in Hong Kong? 

Hong Kong, which is also known as ‘World’s food fair, is a perfect place for foodies. Tourists visit here to seek the taste of Thai, Vietnamese, Cantonese, seafood, and other local cuisines. 

It is not about just going to a local restaurant and ordering a dish from the menu; the REAL foodie experience is trying unique varieties of food at different places with your foodie buddies. Different ambiance of each food outlet adds to the fun.  

There are countless things to try in Hong Kong. Read on to not miss some must-have experiences in Hong Kong. 

Let us go through them one-by-one! 

Explore Street Food 

Street food is always prepped to be eaten instantly. So, if you are craving to try the Best Street Food in Hong Kong , then stroll through the city corners.  

Walking through the streets lets you take a peep at the sizzling dishes, view the local sights, absorb tempting smell of flavors, and obviously taste the authentic dishes. Find the ingredients and the preparation methods of the local dishes, best this way. 

Amber restaurant is Best Food in Hong Kong

Food stalls in Hong Kong offer delicious fish balls, egg waffles, Roasted sweet potatoes, eggettes, and an array or dishes. Here comes the best part. Along with tasting good, street food suits better to the pocket. 

Hit a Bakery 

Hongkongers usually visit bakeries to get something for their breakfast such as a hearty bun because the people of city mostly remain busy, you know right! Whether for a sit-down snack or just getting a bread, bakeries manifest the local culture of the city. Hit a bakery is very famous in hong kong

Witness the luscious egg tarts, crunchy pineapple bun, and chocolaty egg puffs whenever you are craving for some must-try food in Hong Kong. If you are into savory foods, go for a sausage bun. The bun is somewhat sweet, however, it tastes amazing and you can have it in breakfast or even in lunch. 

Quick Bites with Food Trucks  

Feeling famished while exploring the tourist attractions of Hong Kong? Don’t worry, food trucks would be there to get you covered. Get your eye out to find those trucks preparing the Best food in Hong Kong from street style dishes to classic restaurant-style cuisines. Quick bites with food trucks in hong kong

You can find these trucks at Victoria Harbor, Ocean park, Golden Bauhinia Square, Art Square, Disneyland, Salisbury Garden, and other famous tourist hotspots. If you don’t see them around, then look for them on Hong Kong Food Truck mobile app. 

Enjoy the Seafood 

The one thing for which the islands are famous is the seafood. There are a fleet of restaurants offering seafood in Hong Kong. Moreover, to add up to your enjoyment, you can even head out to a seafood street 

If you are not aware of the places in the city, then you can just search for the best seafood restaurants in Hong Kong near to your location.  

Enjoy the wordl famous and best Sea food hong kong

For an evening snack, you can have Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat. And if you are looking out for something in lunch or dinner, then a fried fish or shrimps with Thai Style Papaya Salad or else Fresh Raw Prawns with Lime Chili Sauce can be good options from all of the must-try food in Hong Kong. 

Go for Dai Pai Dong 

Dai Pai Dong basically means ‘stalls with cooked food’. This term is commonly used in Hong Kong for open-air hawker stalls that serve food. Literally, this name was used to refer big license stall plates. But the now the term is also used to refer all open-air stalls and not just licensed ones. 

Go for Dai Pai Dong best food experience in hong kong

Dai pai dong offers unique dishes to serve such as braised dishes, fried oyster omelet, chilled fish and crab. But top of all, they are popular for stir fries. The chef cooking stir fries having amazing skills of cutting and seasoning. They take care of perfect blend of flavors and thickening to make sure you have the best fries ever.  

Dine waterfront 

Although you would have explored the oceans and sea sites but having dinner with a waterfront view is must-have experience for all. It really feels divine observing the sunset dropping its light on water. Just Wow! 

Dine waterfront in hong kong

You may find plenty of restaurants in Hong Kong with a waterfront view. One such restaurant is Mint & Basil at Sai Wan Ho. It is facing towards the Victoria harbor. While sitting at front row near the window, you and your foodie buddies can witness the adorable ambiance. But as the restaurant is situated in a busy tourist hotspot; it always remains full. So, to keep a safer side, you must Book Your Table in advance

Drink Your Fruits 

Apart from the wonderful skyline, adventurous places, and local streets, Hong Kong is famous for its beaches too. Whether you are going to crowded Shek O Beach or calm Chung Hom Kok Beach, you will have the options for enjoying your favorite drink while relaxing on the sand. best Drink your fruits experience in hong kong

And for a change, forget your umbrella cocktails and try local fruit juice, smoothies, beach mojitos, or coconut water. Trust me, they are equally enticing as cocktails. 

Seek out Vegetarian 

Factually vegetarian food is consumed by everyone even non-vegetarians. It’s pinnacle is that it is healthy and light. Now, take a break from your heavy meals and try vegetation food.  

Seek out Vegetarian one best food dishes in hong kong

Although the most popular and best food in Hong Kong is made from meats and seafood, yet vegetarian food is also served in the local restaurants. So, for a change, try out on Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls, green curry with vegetables, garlic bread, or fried rice with vegetables. 

Go for the Signature Dishes 

While talking about the must-try food in Hong Kong, how can we forget the signature dishes of the place? In fact, the best way to remember a restaurant is by tasting its signature dish. 

Go for the signature must try this best Food cuisine in hong kong

From all the best food in Hong Kong, Sweet and Sour Pork is a must-tryThere are a lot of dishes to try according to the specialty of the restaurants including Dim sum, Tom Kha, Roast goose, brisket noodles and more. 

How much did you like the best food in Hong Kong? Don’t forget to share your experience. Happy eating!