9 Signature Dishes of Mint & Basil That You Must Try

9 Signature Dishes of Mint & Basil That You Must Try

Hong Kong is a place where significant feasting experiences await you, and here is where love for food and drinks is an enthusiasm.  

To explore the delicious food of Hong Kong, take a culinary tour with the specialties of Mint & Basil! 

Hong Kong is a place well-known for Cantonese cuisines based on fast cooking, fresh ingredients, and sealed flavors. Mint & Basil specialized in Thai and Vietnamese food, serves the best combination of spices and flavors. Try the fried and steamed rice noodles, aromatic curries, healthy salads and authentic hot appetizers for an out of the world eating experience.

From our long Ala-Carte Menu, here are the signature of Mint & Basil that you should not miss. 

Our Signature Thai Food

Starter Tom Yum (Thai Soup)

Tom Yum hong kong

It’s a classic Thai aroma!  With the balance of intense Thai flavors of lime juice, chili, fish sauce, lemongrass, galangal, and shallots, this healthy Thai soup is a perfect snack. With the mix of spicy and sour flavors, the taste would remind you of authentic ‘Thailand’ soup. It is best served with juicy shrimps or prawns that makes it versatile to a fit with any meal. 

Main Course: Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)

pad thai dishes in hong kong

This one is the international favorite Thai dish! Our Pad Thai with shrimps is one of the most liked Thai cuisines as it is a tasty and healthy option to choose. A genuinely intuitive eating experience comes with a plate full of wide noodles with flavors of chili powder, peanuts, and fish sauce. Pad Thai are basically stir-fried noodles served with shrimps and topped with crunchy peanuts.   

Dessert: Bualay (Thai Sticky Rice Balls with Coconut Sauce)

Bualay dessert food in hong kong

These glutinous and sticky rice balls are perfect for your sweet tooth. These colorful balls taste as good as they look. Served with the coconut sauce, they are fantastic to taste. Even though they are counted as a dessert, these rice balls are low in sugar and fat, thus making it a healthier option to choose. So, if you are fond of desserts but wants to eat only healthy, Bualay is a must-try sweet dish.

Our Signature Vietnamese Food

Starter: Por Pia Thord (Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Roll)

Por Pia Thord hong kong

All-time snack for fried food lovers! Whether you love vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, these Vietnamese spring rolls are a love for all. The translucent parcels that stuffed with either vegetables or seafood, are deep-fried and served with sauce. This healthy and light Vietnamese cuisine is a wholesome choice for food lovers.

Main CoursePla Nung (Vietnamese Style Steamed Fish)

Pla Nung

This one is a must-try! For all those who are fond of steamed fish, this is divine. Luscious steamed fish when served with soya sauce, would give a taste that you won’t be able to forget. When you try Pla Nung at Mint & Basil, you will realize why we have added this in our signature dishes list. The taste will make you crave for it every time you think of our Vietnamese cuisine.

DessertChuoi Chien (Vietnamese Fried Banana)

vietnamese food Chuoi Chien in hong kong

A tasty and healthier dessert! Chuoi Chien, basically Vietnamese fried banana, would never let you bore from its taste. Not only in Vietnam, but this is a famous street food dessert in Hong Kong as well. Made with the Vietnamese bananas, these tasty fritters are slightly sweet from inside and crispy from outside. Due to a lot of health benefits of bananas, this dessert is not only a tastier option but is healthier too.

Note: Indian food is only served at our outlet in Tung Chung. Mint & Basil, Sai Wan Ho serves only Thai and Vietnamese food. 

Our Signature Indian Food

Starter:Paneer Tikka (Grilled cottage cheese)

indian starter food Paneer Tikka in hong kong

A typical Indian snack found in street stalls and top-class restaurants! Paneer tikka is basically cottage cheese which is spiced up and coated with yogurt and is a grill in tandoor (a clay oven). These charred chunks of paneer would give you crunchy and smoky taste and are served with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers, lemon, chili sauce and tomato sauce. Paneer tikka is best served as a starter or appetizer as well. 

Main Course: Butter Chicken (Chicken with creamy gravy) 

Butter Chicken one of famous indian food in hong kong

Chicken lovers will again fall in love with chicken after tasting this! Cooked in a buttery gravy of silky-smooth texture in addition with the cream, this authentic Indian dish is must to try. When placed on the table, the look and fragrance of exotic flavors won’t let you resist tasting it. 

 If you are the one who could eat chicken in every meal, or even if you don’t often like to eat chicken, you will definitely like this one. You don’t need to visit India to taste this dish as we are here in Hong Kong, to serve you the authentic Indian style butter chicken. 

Dessert: Gulab Jamun (Sweet milk-based balls) 

Gulab Jamun is very famous dessert in indian

After your starter and meal, indulge yourself in the world-famous Gulab jamuns and satisfy your sweet cravings. Made with flour and dried milk, Gulab jamuns are deep fried and soaked in sugary syrup. These juicy milk-based pastry balls will dissolve into your mouth, leaving you to feel like heaven in the mouth.  I must say that when these will be served hot to your table, you are going to finish the whole bowl. 

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