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8 of Finger-Licking Seafood Dishes To Try in Hong Kong

The seas and oceans are one of the main pantries of world gastronomy. In them, we find all kinds of fishes, oysters, mussels and more of seafood. It makes us try an infinite variety of unique dishes that bring the saltpeter, the breeze and the murmur of the waves to the table.  

At Mint & Basil, seafood is our passion. What do you expect then? A nice seafood dish every now and then, of course! Here you will find an overview of the tastiest and most diverse seafood dishes in Hong Kong.  

For all the non-vegetarians, these seafood dishes are going to be included in their favorites’ list. Here you go with the 8 most wonderful seafood dishes in Hong Kong.  

1.Thord Man Pla 泰式炸魚餅

Thord Man Pla 泰式炸魚餅 

We can go in any direction with fish. It does not stop with fish from the oven, but we can also make delicious fish cakes. Deep-fried cakes of fish prepared with spices and then served with homemade sauce make this really a top dish!  

2. Pad Thai With Shrimps 泰式炒金邊粉

Pad Thai With Shrimps 泰式炒金邊粉

Pad Thai is Asia’s most famous Thai dish. It is impossible to walk through a Thai restaurant without trying this fantastic dish! These sticky rice noodles with shrimps, egg, spring onion and fish sauce are just amazing. It is also everywhere on the menu of Thai restaurants in Hong Kong. A good Pad Thai is shiny brown, does not stick and is served with a lime.  

3. Grapor Pla Nhue Poo 蟹肉魚肚羹 

Grapor Pla Nhue Poo 蟹肉魚肚羹

Once eaten a variation of this dish, you’ll love the combination of Grapor Pla Nhue Poo. Claypot maw fish, when combined with flavorful crab meat, will give an unforgettable taste to your tongue. Typically, this can be enjoyed as a starter or main course for your lunch or dinner.   

4. Thord Man Poo Kao Pod 香炸蟹肉粟米餅 

  1. Thord Man Poo Kao Pod 香炸蟹肉粟米餅 - Seafood

It is basically a Thai dish made with deep-fried crab meat along with sweet corn cakes. Along with the primary ingredients, this dish includes Thai spices and herbs for the ultimate Thai flavors. See the picture of this mouth-watering dish, and you will crave to try this. Head to the best seafood restaurant in Hong Kong to taste this wonderful seafood cuisine.  

5. Coconut Prawn 椰子蝦

Coconut Prawn 椰子蝦

A seafood delight to be enjoyed alone or with rice! Having low-fat protein in prawns, it is one of the best dishes for your health and tongue. Tiger prawns are simmered with spices in this coconut curry to prepare this wonderful cuisine. Go and try this seafood dish today and let us know your feedback in the comments below.  

6. Hoy Tod 泰式香煎蠔餅

Hoy Tod 泰式香煎蠔餅 - seafood

Taken as an alternative to Pad Thai, Hoy Tod is an equally loved Thai seafood dish. Crispy and textured omelet made with your choice of seafood, i.e., either crab meat or oysters. Chinese love to eat this amalgamation of delight Thai-style cooked batter. This dishes uses a lot of condiments for the vibrant flavors along with green onion and is served basically with sweet chili sauce that everyone loves.  

7. Pla Rard Prik 泰式酸辣魚

Pla Rard Prik 泰式酸辣魚

Crispy and spicy shallow fried fish served on your table! A very amazing option to eat as an appetizer or main course, Pla Rard prik is favorite Thai cuisine. When you’ll see the vibrant colors and wonderful presentation, smells the mouth-watering aroma of spices, and taste the luscious flavors, it will tempt you to eat this dish again and again.  

8. Black Pepper Crab 香煎黑胡椒蟹

Black Pepper Crab 香煎黑胡椒蟹

A crispy and colourful Asian seafood dish! Give it a crack because it is a whole crab that is worthy enough to get your hands dirty. Made with Malaysian cooking style, black pepper crab is cooked with an assortment of spices that make it fully-flavored. Whether you love seafood or not, but you are definitely going to love this one – a favourite of all.   

Craving right? Well, you should. Just pick out the dishes you are going to try today and reach Mint & Basil for an amazing culinary experience. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for ongoing offers.