6 Best Reasonably Priced Restaurants in Hong Kong

6 Best Reasonably-Priced Restaurants in Hong-Kong

Hong Kong is a place that attract tourists with its beautiful landscapes, monuments, and shopping places. But top of all, the food in Hong Kong is world-famous. Whether you want to enjoy a super meal sitting in a cozy restaurant or want to taste the local street food, you can find everything here in Hong Kong.  

In a search of delicious local food at reasonable price? This article is one-stop solution to help you reach the restaurant that offers best Thai and Vietnamese Food and also fits your budget.  

Hong Kong has a big number of the tourist crowds and thus holds huge bunch of restaurants each having their own specialty. Either you crave to taste world-famous Thai food or want Vietnamese Food in Hong Kong you’ll get the chance to try a diversity in cuisines here. 

So, if you are planning to explore Hong Kong and taste its mouth-watering local food, then you have to try these restaurants that offers local taste of the city and are reasonably priced too. 

Mint & Basil 

mint basil reasonably priced vietnamese restaurants

Mint & Basil is one of the most recognized restaurant chains in Hong Kong having more than 50 restaurants located in different places all over the Hong Kong. Their restaurant in Tung Chung is my personal favorite place to eat. From locals to tourist, everyone is fond of Thai and Vietnamese food that they serve in their restaurant.  

They offer the taste of authentic Asian food in their place and even in the reasonable price. From Tom Kha to Thai Style Minced Pork Salad, you can try a variety of mouth-watering cuisines. They use such a perfect combination of spices and ingredients in their food that makes everyone fall in love with the authentic taste of their local food. 

Inaniwa Yosuke 

Inaniwa Yosuke hong kong

If you are a lover of authentic Asian cuisines or Japanese food, Inaniwa Yosuke would be a perfect choice for you. They offer a wide range of seafood cuisines, fresh sushi and sashimi, and a variety in grilled meat.  Moreover, they offer a great selection of Japanese rice bowls, teppanyaki, and more. 

Their chef prepares the food in traditional way that adds the authentic Japanese taste to their cuisines. The specialty of this place is that they use the original Japanese way to cook the food. They make Inaniwa Udon in the conventional way that took around 3 days to prepare it manually and serves the udon noodles having unique taste. 

Om Tapas 

It’s a place that lets you eat in a classy way. The one thing that make this restaurant unique from others is that it doesn’t only offers Spanish food that people like to eat in present but only offers the food that people usually eat in past, and the food that they will like to eat in future only. So, if you want to try something else from your normal taste, then you can visit this place.   

Om Tapas hong kong

Moreover, you can even have the view of their open kitchen while sitting at the bar counter or near the windows to check the chef garnishing your dish and plating it to serve you. 

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine 

Thai food lovers always look for the food made with the conventional methods that adds the real taste of Thai cuisines to their food. They have a big menu from which you can choose your favorite dish. So, if you want to have a taste of Tom Yum or BBQ Chicken made with unique combination of spices, Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine restaurant has everything to serve you. 

SWEET BASIL THAI CUISINE restaurant in hong kong

The restaurant also provides online delivery of food, so if you want to get the food at your hotel room or come to your doorstep, you can even place an online order. 

Hugo’s – Hyatt Regency 

Hugo's Hyatt Regency thai food reasonably price restaurant

Although this place is a bit costlier than others, but the food it serves is worth the price. Hugo’s is a place that offers you a great dining experience. The restaurant is decorated with charming chandeliers, mirrors, and more unique items that offers an amazing atmosphere you have a pleasant time. The place is well suited for families as well as solo travelers. Moreover, they have a long menu including local dishes and desserts that they serve their customers in a traditional way. 

Nha Trang Vietnamese Cuisine 

If you have craving to taste the typical Vietnamese food in Hong KongNha Trang will got you covered. This restaurant is inspired from Vietnam way of serving the food and offers the cuisine in the similar way.  

Nha Trang Vietnamese Cuisine lowest price restaurant

Helen Ngo, who is the executive chef of this restaurant, has spent a lot of her time in Halong Bay, and thus transferred her knowledge of the local cuisine into talent. The unique food cooked by her includes the perfect combination of spiciness and sweetness, thus gives an amazing taste.