5 Authentic Flavours of Thai Cuisines - Real Secret of Thai Food

5 Authentic Flavours of Thai Cuisines – Real Secret of Thai Food

What is the secret behind a delicious dish? It’s obvious – the perfect balance of flavours.   

Thai curries, rice noodles, soups, and salads are loved by everyone. But not all of us know the real reason for their incredible taste.  

Thai cuisines have the ‘sweet spots’ because their flavours just taste the right. With the ultimate combination of spices and ingredients, authentic Thai food is a choice of everyone.  

Preparing perfect Thai food is an art as every dish contains two or more flavours. The aroma of these mind-blowing flavours will make everyone falling in love with Thai food 

A typical Thai dish usually consists of these 5 amazing flavours: 


You might know about the white or brown sugar, but the flavors of Thai food contain some other kind of sugar for sweetness. These are the palm and coconut sugars that most of the chefs use in their authentic cuisines. The aroma of fragrance and the darker color of these sugars add to the richness of the food.   

Although white and brown sugars are also used in an array of dishes, coconut and palm sugar are mostly used in Thai desserts. Moreover, the basil of Thailand also gives a sweet taste to the dish.  

  • White sugar doesn’t change the color of the dish but adds sharp sweetness to it.  
  • Brown sugar is a perfect substitute for palm sugar. It is perfect for baking and could be used instead of palm or white sugar in case you don’t have that.  
  • Palm sugar is perfect for cuisines having milk and gives a mild sweet taste.  
  • Coconut sugar works as an integral part of Thai cuisines and gives caramel-like flavor. sweet food in hong kong

2. Spicy 

The most loved Thai dishes are those having spicy flavors. The spice comes from ingredients like garlic, black pepper, Thai chilies, white pepper, and ginger. The taste is seldom missed in Thai food. The level of spice is chosen as personal preferences.   

  • Black peppers are used in most of the western dishes  
  • White pepper is cleaner and stronger than black pepper  
  • Ginger gives the peppery taste, which adds to the spiciness  
  • Thai chilies, used in curries and salads, are an important part of spicy food  
  • For stir-fried cuisines and fried meals, garlic plays a vital role thai spicy food restaurant in hong kong

3. Salty 

Without salty flavor, it’s rare that a dish is complete. In Thai cooking, the flavour is added through sea salt and sauces. Sauces such as soy sauce are added to the rice noodles and soups that make the snacks salty.  

  • White soy sauce (thin from black soy sauce) is somewhat translucent and is used in dishes to maintain the natural color of the ingredients.  
  • Sea salt is used to prepare the paste of Thai curries and preserve them. Also, this salt is used to preserve fishes and eggs.  
  • Fish sauce is an essential element of Thai cuisines that gives a strong salty taste. The commonly used sauce is nam pla (Thai fish sauce) 
  • salty food in hong kong


Soups, salads, dips, and some drinks extensively contain sour taste. The sour flavor is added through tamarind, lime juice, lemongrass, fragrant lime leaves, and white vinegar.  

    • For sharp sour taste, lime juice is added  
    • Tamarind is a fantastic ingredient that adds to sour taste as well as the texture of the dish with its stickiness.  
    • Lemongrass offers a citrusy taste and fresh fragrance  
    • For pungent lime flavour, fragrant kaffir lime leaves are added  
    • White vinegar is also used to add up the sour taste.

5. Bitter 

It’s rare that you’ll find bitter taste in Thai cuisines, yet some healthy dishes offer a bitter taste. This is because these dishes are made with some fruits or vegetables that give medicinal benefits.  

  • The leaves of Morinda Citrifolia Linn (termed as ‘yor’ in Thailand) is added to some dishes. This is a Southeast Asia’s plant that offers healing properties through its juice.  
  • Bitter gourd is a common Asian vegetable that is added to some noodles or soups by chopping in small pieces.  
  • The green leaves of Cassod Tree also have medicinal benefits, and is added to many spicy snacks and curries. bitter food in hong kong

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