10 of The Classy Cocktails at Mint & Basil to Enjoy in Warm Weather

10 of The Classy Cocktails at Mint & Basil to Enjoy in Warm Weather

The longer days have come, and the temperature is starting to rise. Spring is in full swing, and summer is approaching! After the short winter days, you have earned a wonderful time to relax. Now all you need is to head on to the best cocktail bar in Hong Kong 

To get into the tropical atmosphere, we have made a list of a number of tipsy cocktails, which you can enjoy in this weather. At our beer garden in Tung Chung, various tasty drinks are available.   

Here are the 10 cocktails ideal for those who want to experience some holiday fun, or for those who want to enjoy a nice tropical drink. 

1. Mint & Basil Specials

Let the enjoyment begin with an exceptional drink at your favorite cocktail bar in Hong Kong. As per its name, this one is a special drink made in a unique Mint & Basil way.   

A fusion of vodka, lime juice, triple sec, Midori, and pineapple juice is used to make this delicious cocktail. Topping up with ginger beer gives it a highly mouth-watering look. Just order once, and you’ll crave it for more.  

2. Mojito  

Mojito cocktails in hong kong

Everyone knows – the mojito is, of course, the ultimate cocktail. You have probably tasted it before. Then you know better than anyone how refreshing this summer cocktail can be when it is warm outside. During any time of the day, a mojito tastes great. This drink is a real treat in the garden of cocktail bar Hong Kong 

In a long drink glass, a mixture of about 8 fresh mint leaves, two teaspoons of cane sugar, and the juice of one lime tastes incredibly amazing. White rum topped up with sparkling water, ice cubes, and mint on top gives the perfect decoration look. Hold on your straw and enjoy the delicious mojito.  

3. Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry daiquiri cocktails

Strawberries are the best in the summer, and so we can use them with this cocktail. Because we use shaved ice in this recipe, you get a delicious ice-cold drink. Perfect for not-so-cool spring and summer days.  

With a blend of lime juice, vodka, large strawberries, or liqueur and basil leaves, we make your summer cocktail ready. A strawberry on edge as a garnish makes it complete.  

4. Mango Margarita

The margarita is very popular at parties. Come alone, with family, or your friends’ gang, this one drink is enjoyed by everyone.   

Mango margarita in hong kong

One margarita contains tequila, triple sec, mango pulp, and lime juice. There would be salt on the rim of the cocktail glass. The drink tastes extra refreshing when you order with a topping of ice cream.  

5.Pina Thai Colada

Pina Thai Colada

If you want to experience summer in a glass, the pina colada is the perfect cocktail for you. The combination of coconut milk and pineapple makes you imagine yourself on a tropical island. That is exactly the kind of holiday anticipation that makes the long wait for a holiday more bearable!  

3 times of pineapple juice with the equivalent amount of rum and coconut milk goes inside this highly fresh drink.   

6. Mint Julep

Mint Julep hong kong

Mint is a wonderful summer herb that tastes delicious in cocktails. That is why the mint julep is so suitable for a neutral spring or warm summer day. Traditionally, this cocktail was served in a silver cup, but it tastes just as delicious in a regular glass.  

Bourbon whiskey over to the combination of brown sugar and mint spring is served ice cold in front of you! 

7. Mimosa

It can just happen any warm day: you wake up, and you already feel like having a cocktail in breakfast. That should be possible every now and then at the best cocktail bar in Hong Kong. Having a cocktail for breakfast can be delicious as well with our mimosa.  

Mimosa cocktail in hk

In the 1920s, the mimosa was created in Paris to help people quickly get rid of their morning mood. Half of it consists of orange juice and the other half of sparkling wine. Ice on top and enjoy the sun!  

8. Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise is famous cocktail in hong kong

The sunrise in a glass, that’s the tequila sunrise. This cocktail is so named because its colors resemble those of the rising sun. It doesn’t get more summery than this!  

Grenadine syrup that sinks to the bottom while having tequila and orange juice at the top! The beautiful color effect looks as incredible as it tastes! Be sure to take a picture before taking the first sip.  

9. Bellini

Bellini cocktail hong kong

Another delicious cocktail to add to your list! Bellini is made with pureed peaches along with sparkling wine. This refreshing and fizzy cocktail could be enjoyed late afternoon and night and for your weekend get-togethers. This one is served in a classy glass that gives you a feeling of enjoying a summer vacation.  

10. Moscow Mule

Contrary to what you might think, this cocktail is not from Russia, but from America, just like almost all the other cocktails on this list. The Moscow mule was previously supposed to be drunk from a copper cup to experience the best of its taste.  

A fusion of vodka, lemongrass basil syrup, lime juice and topped up with ginger beer that perfectly stirs in your cocktail glass.